Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas in 2019

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With interior designers ever-inventing new trends for the heart of the household, deciding between numerous alternatives can be a tough problem. If you consider a renovation, our modern kitchen cabinet ideas can inspire you.

White Cabinets will Never Be Over

Although many homeowners today swing toward loud, extravagant kitchen cabinet colors, white kitchen cabinets will never lose their timeless appeal. White is a cliché for a good reason: thanks to stunning versatility of gradations, this dye provides the perfect base for great ideas.

It matches with any kitchen style—from modern and transitional to high-tech and vintage-inspired. White kitchens are very easy to accentuate and embellish, as well. For instance, plain white cabinetry will get an entirely new personality if you just change knobs or other kitchen cabinet hardware. Besides that, separate bursts of color will look especially impressive exactly on the white backdrop thanks to the sharp contrast. What’s more, white is a very good light reflector, so white furniture (especially with a glossy finish) will brighten everything around, giving the illusion of a larger space.

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass doors can further help bounce the light around your kitchen, magnificently illuminating the area whilst also letting your ceramics and dishware make a brilliant display. Apart from being simply beautiful, glass kitchen cabinet doors are very practical: they present a decent compromise between hardwood cabinetry and open shelving, allowing you to showcase a neat arrangement inside a unit. The hottest trends of glass kitchen cabinet doors this year include:

  • Transparent glass is a timeless choice thanks to its power to give away soft sparkling in any kitchen style and type.
  • Frosted glass for cabinet fronts is a way to go if you want to conceal the contents of your cabinetry while enjoining overall sophisticated interior.
  • Textured glass is manufactured in all-possible patterns, allowing you to create truly a unique ambiance. Rain, pebbled, grooved, ribbed beveled – textured glass is excellent in any realization while also being very resilient and practical: streaks, fingerprints, and marks are not visible on cabinet fronts with textured glass!
  • Seeded glass for kitchen cabinetry fronts can strike everyone with its vintage aesthetics. Containing slight bubbles in its composition, seeded glass produces an old-fashioned, lofty appeal that is a very hot trend these days.

Color Experiments

To make a bold fashion statement, hordes of homeowners shift away from traditional kitchen cabinetry schemes and tilt toward extravagant, quirky, and unexpected pallets:

  • Minty fresh: light-green cabinetry is on a surge because this hue is always associated with something optimistic, energetic, and soothing like peppermint sweets. White or rosy cabinetry against mint green walls is a nicely balanced design solution; however, many prefer just to add splashes of green to a monochrome kitchen. For example, a minty fridge can effectively complement wood cabinets and patterned tile floors.
  • Entering the dark side: adding black accents to your kitchen is a decision you cannot go wrong with. Black household machinery set against light background looks stunning. Accentuate your kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, matte black appliances, a massive ebony island, charcoal subway tiles, or even go total black with pops of vivid colors to achieve the utmost glamorous interior.
  • Gray kitchen cabinets are a popular fad, too. Teetering between soothing neutrality and cheerful warmth, gray color is a bridge between two different worlds. While some believe that this dye is associated with something sad or boring, others adorn their kitchens with gray-themed cabinetry that they place against matching colors to give the room a stylish and luxury twist.
  • The two-tone kitchen cabinets concept is all the rage because it does produce an amazing visual effect. Bright white and royal blue is an effective duet to bring a nautical vibe to your space. A hazy gray and snowy cabinet combination will breathe a touch of loftiness into space. Pale yellow blended with any darker color is the perfect way to highlight your kitchen. Cream and olive tones create an ultimately homey ambiance. A two-colored kitchen cabinetry approach offers an ocean of marvelous designs to choose from. The only limitation is your imagination!

Space-Savvy Storage

Our round of modern kitchen cabinet ideas continues with storage-wise solutions. For example, deep pan drawers will be more efficient than shelved base cabinets. The advantage of such an approach is that it saves you from the necessity to get down on your knees to dig out something from the lower shelves.

Another popular trend for space-effective kitchen storage is obtaining a floor-to-ceiling pantry. Featuring both numerous shelves and open space, a pantry is an essential storage area for larger appliances and nonperishable foodstuff. Homeowners often opt for a pantry to make their small kitchens look less messy and more convenient. Some homeowners do not like going minimal, so they get chunky cupboards for their kitchens, both to relish a very vintage feel and increase the storage capacity of their kitchens. Unlike a wall cabinet, a cupboard is a large, very spacious base cabinet with lots of shelves and drawers. Apart from being utterly useful in any household, cupboards come in all possible designs and materials, from oak and birch

plastic and plywood, to smoothly merge into any kitchen style and add a noticeable dose of exquisiteness to the whole facility.

Open Shelving

Yet another popular tendency in kitchen renovation projects, open kitchen shelves work great in all styles, from rustic to hi-tech. Why not replace cumbersome wall cabinets with lightweight open shelves to make the area feel more expansive? It is, surely, a good motivation for homeowners with tiny kitchens. However, there is one more reason why open shelving is worth a try: it can serve as a show-case for your stylish décor and effectively display your collection of pretty dishes.

Going Avant-Garde

Modern people adore breaking the rules, especially when embarking on a kitchen renovation. It is OK when modern cabinets combine different forms, materials, and colors. A wooden cabinet with an aluminum door is for an impressive statement. All-white cabinetry set against neon-lemon backsplash and ultra-green seat furniture – what can express your personality better?

Bright red cabinetry that screams with a retro feel? Yes, it is my choice! Plain-faced cabinets with vintage-inspired intricate knobs – no one can draw an eye from them! It is all being said that modern kitchen cabinet ideas are daring, innovating, fabulous and exist to be a stamp of your unusual taste, to be an extension of your unique personality.

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