Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas in 2019

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Kitchen cabinets are the most functional thing in the kitchen. They set the look and styling of your kitchen, as organized your kitchen necessities.
We looked at the latest kitchen cabinet ideas and analyzed function, beauty and if the trend has the potential to be fresh but timeless. Here’s our ten kitchen cabinet ideas that will be on trend in 2019.

Multiple Colors

In the new year it will be fashionable to combine kitchen cabinet colors. To make it a little more interesting, add some other colors.

  • A classic white kitchen is timeless. White cabinets can help your kitchen achieve either a look of cool modernity. Get more information…
  • If your kitchen is open, airy, and full of natural light, add contrast with a deep gray or even black.
  • Grays can soften the contrast between black and white.
  • All-black cabinetry with brass countertop will help warm it up and give it an antique feel.
  • Red and orange colors add warmth.
  • Blue kitchen tones cabinets will add refinement.
  • Bright green cabinets. Add fresh flowers and greenery, and it’ll feel like summer, no matter what season it actually is.

Your kitchen cabinets can be painted in different colors. It all depends on your kitchen cabinet design. More tips as for choosing the best kitchen paint colors here.

Incorporate Stone

Natural stone looks cool and expensive. Kitchen cabinets can be cut out of stone, which can be placed on the floor and used near kitchen islands.

Natural stone is perfect for the kitchen island. Heavy stone can only be mounted on the floor, it is massive and reliable. You can mount the door of glass, wood and stainless steel to the stone.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass is one of the most common materials in the kitchen. Glass kitchen cabinets will be popular this year. They add volume, serve as an excellent conductor of light for additional lighting. Clear glass fronts can show off your dinnerware. Add a rolling ladder for access the top shelves.

To add elegance to your kitchen, add glass doors to kitchen cabinets. Choose a glass with a pattern to disguise the interior.
Glass doors let the light into your kitchen space, illuminating your kitchen and letting your dishware and ceramics shine. Glass cabinets can also be used in conjunction with solid cabinetry for a bigger impact, especially with an interesting design. The glass can give your kitchen a unique style. Glass cabinets are a great alternative to the two-toned look to break up and tone down the overwhelming impact of one solid color throughout the room.
If you do not want your dishes to be visible, use the opaque glass cabinets. The semi-transparent finish feels light, but still offers concealed storage.

Mixed Material Cabinets

In the kitchen, you can use cabinets made of different materials. Use stainless beyond appliances. It’s a sleek and industrial look for cabinets well. You can mix wood and metal. For example, the base is made of solid oak, and the covers of cabinets and stainless steel. Or you can even use natural or artificial stone. Get more information about kitchen countertops here.

Open Shelves

Open shelving has plenty of advantages:

  • With the help of open shelving, it will be possible beyond the functional kitchen items.
  • Shelves are also a way to break up the wall of multiple wall cabinets while modernizing the kitchen.
  • With good organization you can create a really unique cutting edge style for your kitchen.
  • It introduces a light and airy feel offering the illusion of more space which is especially great in smaller kitchens.
  • It’s efficient, because you can see and grab what you need without taking the time to open cabinet doors.
  • Considering everything is out in the open, be thoughtful about whatever you place on the shelves.

But you have to have a matching set of dinnerware or specialty pieces you want on display. Every utensil has an impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchens look.

Oak Wood

Wire-brushed oak cabinets give the sense of comfort. Wooden cabinet will serve you for a long time. It is very practical and can be repainted in any color. Soft luxury that can be layered into any space creating. Oak cabinets is versatile in its look from seaside or French cottage, clean modern simplicity or a common rustic look.  Often creating a connection to the natural element this is why is becoming more popular option in cabinetry construction. 

 Cabinets made of natural oak are very practical and durable. In 2019, oak will be in fashion. People are already fed up with industrial materials, so they are returning to the wooden cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is a way to make your cabinets unique. Hardware comes in many comfort options, designs and finishes to make it is easy to add new levels of personalization for your kitchen. For example, you can use:

Full Length Pulls

Having drawer and cabinet pulls that run the entire length of the cabinetry creates a smooth look and clean finish in the kitchen.

Bar Pulls

Get just the right grip when opening and closing your drawers and cabinets with this style of pulls.

Tiny Knobs

Using tiny knobs on your kitchen cabinets and drawers keeps your things easily accessible.

Mortised Pulls

Install your pulls right into the cabinets and drawers of your kitchens and you’ll never have to worry about loose screws again.

Hexagon Knobs

Add a contemporary touch to your kitchen cabinets with geometric knobs in hexagonal shapes. You can also use the hardware-free cabinets. Skip knobs and hinges altogether. Keep it simple drawers with cut-out handholds.

Innovative storage

Kitchen cabinets are used to store kitchen items and appliances. Therefore, they must be functional and roomy. In 2019, spacious cabinets will be in demand, which can be easily moved and mounted.


One of the trends is simplicity. Minimalistic style caters better to busier lives. This style is referred to as modern or contemporary. Cabinets without anything extra – it is very convenient. Excess decor will make the appearance of the kitchen very tasteless.

So, we reviewed the main ideas for modern kitchen cabinets in 2019. Many of them can be implemented independently or with the help of specialists from the Groysman construction remodeling company.

Before buying cabinets, think carefully. Find color, style and design ideas so you can choose the right kitchen cabinets.

Groysman Remodeling Company helps you make great kitchen cabinets! Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

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