How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Classy

Narrow, cluttered, inefficient, limited natural light – you may name many serious reasons why you hate your not-so-spacious bathroom. But you should not regard your small bathroom as a big problem because there are throngs of amazing (and easily feasible) ideas that can help you make your tiny bathroom look luxurious. With a few creative modifications, the problematic area can turn into a masterpiece of the interior design art – and without breaking your bank or doing a serious remodeling

Small-scale washrooms can present big challenges to comfort and efficiency. But having a small bathroom does not mean you cannot achieve a stylish – yet space-saving – area. Your teeny-tiny bathroom can easily be transformed into a deluxe spa-like area that both delights your eyes and performs its jobs. Here is a bunch of smart tips and tricks for bringing a luxury factor to your mini washroom. 

Go natural

Work with tiles

Accents and accessories made from wood do wonders even to the smallest of bathrooms. You can effectively upgrade your space and make it feel more spacious and classy by decorating one wall with wooden panels so it becomes a dramatic accent wall. Mirror frames, vanities, shutters, or just a wooden bath tray will boost and refresh the aesthetics of your small washroom. Timber and white is the combo you never can go wrong with.

Another smart idea to refresh your miniature bathroom and make it look adorable is to update the grout and paint the tiles using a special paint.

Send your vanity afloat

Floating vanities are mounted to the wall. This helps to free up the valuable floor space and ease traffic throughout the room. But the greatest benefit of floating vanities is that they create the illusion of being groundless. These stylish units look gorgeous in pocket-size areas, along with serving as sleek storage solutions. 

Open the doors

For an utterly luxurious look in your compact bathroom, you can opt for a vanity with open shelves. If you keep the items on the shelves neatly organized, such an approach will render your tiny bathroom into the luxe segment. 

You can go even further and obtain toiletry products from one brand for a more coordinated look on your open shelves. In limited spaces, every design choice makes a big difference, so this seemingly slight modification can bring more elegance to your interior and make everything appear more organized and clean. 

Clever hooking and hanging

The direct application of bathrooms is to provide space where you can wash and store various toilet miscellanies. But if your washroom is on the small side while your assortment of perfumery is quite big, things can quickly go cluttered and disorganized. 

Try to make the most use of walls. You can install hooks and rails for your robes and towels. Small open shelves can effectively accommodate your essentials. Such a solution not only helps save the precious floor space, but wall-mounted storage units are always a lovely and practical addition in the tiny area. 

As the technology is ever-evolving, hangs and hooks can be installed without drilling. Self-adhesive bathroom dispensers, rails, baskets, and shelves do not damage the surfaces, but make a statement and add plenty of functionality.

Clean it up

It is not all about regular cleaning that is surely essential. Keep a small bathroom clean means having clean lines, neutral coloration, and an overall concept that is close to the minimalist style. 

The prevailing pastel color palette with big tiles is a wonderful add-n to a compact washroom. Patterned tiles, colorful fixtures, and over-detailed wallpapers will make the space look too cramped. 

If going totally neutral does not match your bright personality, you can still add a pop of color to the interior such as painting one wall with a bold color or obtaining a vibrant mirror frame or a vintage rug is a charming trick.

Right fixtures make a difference

Many bathrooms in the USA hardly excess the allowed by code minimum of 5ft × 2.5ft. If this is true about your bathroom too, you do not have much free space to play with, so you want to choose fixtures properly. For instance, you can find such fixtures for toilets that will conceal the cistern and give the bathroom a clean-lined look, while wall-hung sinks make the space look airy. Tapware is like the jewelry of the bathroom. Do not hesitate to play with gold, copper, or rose fixtures to bring elegance into the space.

Experiment with mirrors

Along with hanging one mirror above the vanity, you can turn the whole wall or its upper half into a mirror in your mini bathroom. Such a modification will reflect more light, properly illuminating the entire space. That is a smart choice for windowless areas. 

If mirroring the entire wall does not appeal to you, it is possible to incorporate several mirrors into one wall and enjoy a dramatically stylish effect. Even the austere washroom will look glamorous if you backlight the mirror. A chic and modern accessory, a backlit mirror in a small bathroom also makes putting on makeup and skincare much easier.

Add transparency to the shower 

Having a glass door in the walk-in shower is a good recommendation for tiny bathrooms as it helps to create an illusion of a more spacious room. A more adventurous solution is to remove the shower door completely, but make sure you have a good drain.

Opt for a sliding door

If your bathroom is seriously small, you may consider replacing your traditional hinged door for a pocket one that slides into a compartment in the adjacent wall, thus, providing more room for storage and making navigation around the bathroom easier. 

Well, this idea may be a bit labor-intensive and require professional help, but the result is well worth the effort. Modern pocket doors have a sleek design and can help you make a statement of fashion in your small bathroom and enhance the aesthetics of your space. A sliding door can serve as a delightful accent, or you can use it as a stylish separation between areas. 

Bring some art 

A small, bijou bathroom with a large artwork over a tub looks simply stunning. But remember that bathroom art will be subject to steam and moisture. Try to choose such products that will effectively withstand the trial of hot temperatures and excessive humidity. Bathroom artworks must be professionally framed and have a sealed back. 

Ceramics and sculptures also make durable bathroom embellishments. If you are considering decorating your small bathroom with wallpaper, think again because the wallpaper may heavily peel when exposed to humidity. 

Add more light

Small bathrooms tend to have a shortage of natural light or even have no windows at all. But good lighting is vital in a sanitary place where you shave and apply makeup, so the importance of appropriate light cannot be underestimated. 

A small bathroom will look splendid with a well-thought-out lighting arrangement, ideally with multiple light sources placed at different locations. Grid bath lights, scones, and even backlit mirrors help to minimize shadowing and make the space feel brighter and more open. 

If the electrical layout of your small bathroom does not allow placing several sources of light, you can choose a ceiling lamp with multiple bulbs, so the light will go in several directions from a single fixture.

If you are not happy with your existing tiny bathroom and want to transform it, Groysman Construction is here to help you upgrade your space and turn it into your dream. Contact us to schedule a consolation and get a free bathroom remodeling quote in San Diego, CA. 

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