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Bath – a mandatory attribute and the main of plumbing in any bathroom. In this case, often, the bath performs the function of not only the subject of hygiene, but also serves for relaxation and relaxation.

In the market you can buy a bath of a variety of bathtub materials, while the plumbing models have a huge variation in size, volume and shape.

Asking a question how to choose a bathtub, many users find themselves in a rather difficult situation. We will help you choose the perfect option for your home.

Types of bathtubs

There are many different types of baths. Some of them are designed for comfort, some for convenience and some for aesthetics. The most common types are:

Freestanding Bath

Free baths, in the simplest sense, are those that do not connect to the walls for support. It is here that in recent years some of the most innovative ideas in bath design have emerged, with the result that various non-traditional forms, materials and styles are used. Claw baths and pedestal baths are technically autonomous baths, but the category itself also includes many other varieties.

Corner Tub

Corner baths have a triangular shape and are designed for a wedge-like angle. These types of baths can be a good solution when space is limited and a bath with a normal shape is not practical. Corner baths are often amplified by air jets, turning them into hydromassage baths.
If you like hydromassage, then pay attention to the jacuzzi. In the hot tub there are holes located in the walls of the bath, flow around air bubbles and jets of water, creating a pleasant feeling for the bather. You can enjoy hot or cold water, and it is claimed they are good for your health, such improved circulation of water and air.

Alcove Bathtub

Alcove bathtub are the bath most of us are most familiar with. Usually installed on a wall from two or three sides, this type of bath is the most common type and is found in the vast majority of households.

Clawfoot Tub

As the name implies, are baths that sit on four clawed foots. There are several options for clawfoot baths, including slippers, slippers that have a

high sloping end, which provides greater comfort, and double ends of the baths, which are inclined at both ends (one end is traditionally flat in ordinary baths). Another variation of the clawfoot bath is the pelvic support, which sits on the pedestal and not on the claws.

Undermount Bathtub

Built-in bathtubs are equipped with high walls and a seat in the bathroom, with a door that opens on one side, so that the swimsuit can walk in bathtub straight without stepping over the wall of the bathtub. These baths are commonly used to help people with disabilities and older people swim freely with minimal help. The bath itself has high walls and a seat inside. The design usually allows the bather to enter, sit upright without having to lower, close the door and fill the bath to the desired height. You can read interesting tips about bathroom renovation here.



Today there are so many styles of baths, as well as bathrooms. Baths can be made of a variety of materials, and this allows designers to expand the boundaries of understanding what a bath is.

Ceramic Bathtub

Ceramic baths – the choice of aesthetes. The color can be white, blue, turquoise, beige, and even coffee. Ceramic baths with unusual shapes in the form of a round saucer with regular geometric angles appear much less frequently.

  • Perfect glossy smooth surface;
  • A wide range of colors glaze;
  • A wide variety of shapes and patterns;
  • The duration of the water temperature;
  • No noise when filling;
  • Durability with careful operation.
Porcelain Bathtub

Porcelain has a sufficiently high density – this ensures its good strength. This refers to mechanical strength. It is very easy to care for such plumbing: pollution is easily removed, unpleasant odors do not linger due to the fact that the coating is homogeneous. Great for home.

  • ease;
  • wonderful view;
  • easy installation.
Wooden Bathtub

Manufacturers make wooden baths of various forms using different types of wood. The most commonly used types of trees – cedar, oak, walnut and larch – they are the best suited for this bath. The tree is able to have a healing effect on the human body, so the water poured into such a bath is filled with positive energy and acquires healing properties. The design of the bathroom, in which the wooden bathtub is installed, must necessarily correspond to it – a wooden sink and panels will be an excellent addition in accordance with the general style of the interior. Benefits:

  • beautiful estatic look;
  • ease of installation.
Copper Bathtub

Copper bath at all times was a true symbol of wealth and beauty and visible evidence of the highest standard of living of its owner. It is worth noting that a copper bath not only allows you to heat the bath to the temperature you need in a short time. Copper cools for a long time, so you can take a bath for as long as you like, without adding hot water all the time.

Get such a copper bath to your home – and you will have not only a real work of decorative and applied art, but also a device that will allow you to maintain your health normally for many years.


  • Low affordable price;
  • Lightweight design;
  • A wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Stone Bath

The stone bath is a single unit and is made using natural stone and mineral technology to create a product that does not weigh or cost land. They have a smooth, durable and velvety surface.

Baths made of natural stone are very expensive. Therefore, he can not please diversity. Granite and marble are considered the most common mineral for making baths. As a material for the bath can use artificial stone.

Fiberglass Bathtub

The availability of fiberglass bath is one of its main advantages. Fiberglass is an extremely economical bath material. A fiberglass bath is even cheaper than an acrylic bath, another plastic material that falls into the lower part of the price spectrum, so this is usually the most affordable bath option. Article about the average prices for bathroom remodeling is here.

Fiberglass bath is light, which usually facilitates its installation. You do not have to worry about installing additional support in the floor for the bath.

Unlike more solid material, such as metal or stone, fiberglass bath is also flexible, so it can move, which can lead to cracking of the sealant around the tank, resulting in the whole unit moving when you step on it. Movement can also lead to cracks or dents on the surface of the bath.

While the fiberglass bath is made by forming several layers of material of the desired shape, the final product is coated with a gel-coated resin to obtain a brilliant coating.


  • Affordable;
  • Easy Installation;
  • Repairable finish.

Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic baths are “cheap” and “expensive.” It all depends on the technological method of production of plumbing and materials used. Acrylic itself is a type of elastic, durable and smooth plastic.


  • Minimally light weight plumbing;
  • The average duration of cooling of warm water;
  • A wide range of different shapes and sizes;
  • A large number of models with additional features;
  • Huge price range.
Cast Iron Bathtub

The cast-iron bath is a san-equipment proven by time. This plumbing is ideal for installation on the first floor of a country house. For a bathroom in an apartment that has a relatively small area, this plumbing will be too cumbersome. Installing a cast-iron bath requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth it. This bath is durable and practical. Will serve you for many years.


  • High strength design and enamel layer;
  • The temperature of the water is long maintained;
  • Unpretentious care for plumbing;
  • No noise when typing water.

As you have seen the baths are made from different materials and forms. Each material has its own advantages. Depending on the area of your bathroom, you should carefully select the correct shape for the bath.

We hope that our advice will help you.

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