How to Choose the Right Sink for Your Bathroom

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We use a sink to wash our hands, our face and brush our teeth. Nevertheless, choosing the right model is very difficult. It is important to combine the design with functionality. Therefore, we will try to understand the huge number of different in style and shape of bathroom sinks and find the best option.

So, our review on how to choose the right sink.

When you choose a sink you need to pay attention to its parameters:

  • The height of the installation can serve as a guideline height of a person.
  • An important indicator is considered to be sink material: faience, porcelain, metal, ceramic, glass, stone sinks.
  • The size of the product.
  • Shape: rectangular, oval, square.

Types of Bathroom Sinks 

Vessel Sinks

The vessel sinks basically looks like a big bowl, so this is a great choice if you like the deep sink. Vessel sinks are a great way to

create an impression in your bathroom. It is located completely on the top of the tabletop or partially located below the working surface. When installing the sink – it is necessary to plan in advance the height of the rack and the height of the cabinets below. This is necessary so that the sink is not too high and would be convenient to use.

Pedestal Sink

The pedestal sink is a great option if your preference is a simple wall-mounted sink.This sink sits between the bottom and the floor.

You won’t have any storage space under the sink or any counter space around it. Pedestal sink also looks very nice if you want to create a great look for your bathroom.

Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

It is attached directly to the wall, so you do not need a tabletop.
Under such a sink does not need to install cabinets, so you save usable space. Visually the room gets bigger.

Since there are no cabinets, it is better to install water and sewer pipes into the walls in order not to spoil the appearance of the bathroom. Before you choose a wall sink, think about cabinets for storing detergents and cleaning products.

Drop-in Bathroom Sinks

Drop-in sinks are found in many bathrooms with various materials for countertops. Recessed sinks can be installed on any surface.

Embedded sinks can be installed on any table that has been cut to their size. They come in all sizes and styles. Installing sinks of this type requires a countertop or any other surface where the sink can be embedded.

Console bathroom Sink

Console sink – attracts the opportunity to save space. It has a very good appearance, but also a drawback – open pipes.
Console sinks not only take up little space, but also make it possible to store under the rack. They can be presented in various styles.

You will need to choose the material that you want to use for your new plumbing. Console sinks are made of various materials: porcelain, cast iron, granite and stainless steel. This all depends on the style of your bathroom.

Integrated Sink

Integrated sink is an excellent option for the kitchen. Countertop with integrated sink provides a solid and modern look. This sinks look

very high quality and fully customizable. The integrated sinks are made from different materials: stainless steel, stone, marble and concrete. They fit any style of bathroom: modern, classic, etc.

They simplify the process of designing a bathroom. It can be adjusted to any style and appearance.

In addition, integrated sink quickly and easily wash. Ideal for those who do not like to spend time cleaning the plumbing.

Undermount Bathroom Sink

Undermount sinks are a popular choice.They look clean and modern, and they are also functional. They should only be used with solid countertops.

The specific method of fastening the sink to the countertop varies by manufacturer.
Undermount sink Install under the counter. The rim of the shell is fixed on the bottom of the table top.In general, if you want to fasten the sink to the underside of the countertop, then flip it over and place it.

If you are working with an uncut countertop, you will have to cut the hole yourself.
Creates a solid, clean look, as less of the actual shell is visible. Another advantage is that water and spills can be wiped directly from the countertop into the sink.
Undermount sink, you can in the presence of a tabletop with a hard surface, such as stone.

Sink Size

When you have decided on the type of sink and the material from which it will be made then the time itself will be determined with the size of the sink.

When buying a sink, it is important not to be mistaken with the size of the product. Too wide a washbasin can enclose the useful space of the bathroom and cause discomfort. Each manufacturer santehpriborov develops products based on the various dimensions of bathrooms.

For standard bathrooms modern apartments have a large selection of sinks of small sizes. In a spacious bathroom with high ceilings, an ordinary washbasin will look ridiculous and disharmonious. Therefore, there are many more dimensional products that will organically fit into a large space. Find more interesting remodeling ideas for your home here.


To install the sink requires a number of additional elements. In some models, components are included in the purchase set, and sometimes they need to be purchased separately.

Additional equipment:

  • For non-standard sinks, the kit includes: mirrors, shelves, towel holders.
  • For mortise shells require bollard. Almost always the manufacturer offers a bowl in conjunction with the cabinet. But if over time it wants to change, you can buy a new one.
  • A pedestal for the sink can also be purchased separately. The main thing is that it should be of the same color and material as the bowl.
  • The siphon, mounted to the bowl drain, is usually in the set, as this mechanism does not always fit other sinks.
  • The bowl is usually complemented by a drain-overflow device.

You can read interesting tips about bathroom renovation here.

Price Segment

When you have decided on the type of sink, size and parameters, you begin to choose a sink based on your budget. The budget determines the quality of the product, the material from which the sink is made, etc. So do not regret the purchase, because you buy the sink for many years. The appearance, practicality and durability of the shell depend on the quality of the product.

Even without a large budget, you can find very decent models from well-known manufacturers. Each manufacturer focuses its development on the average buyer. It is in this line that innovative technologies, wide range of design solutions, experimental materials are usually presented.

Premium class differ mainly in the unusual shapes and unique material. It is in this segment you can find works of sanitary art made of stone or glass, designed for luxury apartments and private houses.


So, the choice of the type of sink depends on such factors as: the size of your bathroom, the design and style that you keep. When choosing a sink, determine the size, technical parameters, the material from which they are made. Decide on the models that suit you best and consult with your family, designers and representatives of the remodeling company that will install the sink.


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