Remodel Kitchen Ideas 2023

Once you’ve decided on kitchen remodeling and begun searching for the latest trends in kitchens, you might find useful a compilation of kitchen ideas from interior design experts and our experience.

Leaping ahead, most experts agree on the implementation of sustainable materials, multi-functionality of spaces, and convenience. With the progress of smart home technologies, appliances assume a significant role in creating easy-to-use and energy-efficient environments that can save time and halve the energy bill.

What are the new kitchen trends for 2023?

Actually, the kitchen trends of 2022 aren’t leaving – they will be dominating also in 2023 but with a twist to more personalization, comfort, and functionality.

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  • Organic (natural) materials. Eco-friendly solutions are expected to dominate kitchen designs in the coming years. Plastic and synthetic materials give way to wood, natural stones, and steel. And the most important thing is that this trend is a go-to for both small and large kitchens. Hence, natural wood (birch, pine, and oak) kitchen cabinetry, marble or granite countertops and backsplashes, and stainless design elements will definitely remain the keynote idea in kitchen designs.
  • Backsplash trends have shifted from tiling to slab backsplashes made of marble, granite, or quartz. Besides being functional, backsplashes might highlight the space if they are of contrasting colors or provide a seamless look for smaller kitchens.
  • Kitchen island trends hold a course to multifunctionality and versatility: homeowners opt for larger islands that can accommodate a family for a meal. The trend is still on the rise, and more and more families choose a spacious island instead of a classic dining room during kitchen remodeling.
  • Floating shelves are more on-trend nowadays than ever before. Inexpensive, functional, and minimalistic floating shelves represent an alternative to classic cabinets and provide a more airy feel and ease-of access.
  • Shaker style of kitchen cabinetry is one of the most asked-for designs in California, according to specialists at Groysman Construction, a remodel company, based in San Diego. Uncluttered and neat, this style fits perfectly with eco-friendly trends in terms of natural materials.
  • As for the kitchen colors, the color palette of 2023 will get brighter shifting from monochromatic minimalism typical for the once-popular Scandinavian style. Organic natural tones with contrasting highlights are top performers. Even if you look for lighter colors, opt for off-whites (for example, creamy shades) and warm gray tones instead of basic white and classic gray to let your kitchen look trendy and stylish.
  • Family-focused designs are at the forefront: cozy sitting spaces for the entire family now include even built-in stations for pets.
  • Form enters the scene as the leading element equally with colors. Energy-saving bulbs of unique shapes, LED fixtures, cabinet accessories, faucets, and sinks become important design elements.
Shaker style of kitchen cabinetry -
Kitchen island trends

What color cabinets will be in style in 2023?

Updated and fresh look a kitchen can get with renewed lighting and refreshed cabinetry. Let your kitchen have a character expressed through colors. In fact, the design community has moved to pastel and natural palettes that provide a warm and calm environment. The twist of 2023 is popping bold accents. The Terrazzo technique has won the hearts of both interior designers and homeowners: eco-friendly and stylish-looking terrazzo countertops or cabinet doors ensure a unique look and confirm your green awareness.

Fresh paint can change the kitchen entirely. You may decide on lighter natural shades (off-white, beige, or any other pastel color) or opt for matt black to contrast woody shades. Interestingly, with a general color trend moving towards a softer palette, black keeps its position and even draws more interest. Most manufacturers offer various black tints that look attractive.

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classic all-wood kitchen cabinetry

Are wood cabinets coming back in 2023?

In one word, yes. There are some of the finer points, though. Despite the popularity of natural and eco-friendly solutions, and overall green awareness, classic all-wood kitchen cabinetry goes out of date giving place to multi-material designs: porcelain & ceramics, marble & granite, and wood & steel are visually pleasing when combined professionally. Latest kitchen cabinet trends blend different textures, colors, and shades using matte and glossy surfaces and spotlighting.

 Latest kitchen cabinet trends
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Small kitchen remodeling: Ideas for 2023

Light is the second crucial factor for smaller kitchens after versatile design. Innovative LED fixtures and LED strips make the kitchen brighter and give the impression of a spacious area. Additionally, light-reflective surfaces and light hues will make a kitchen look up-to-date and trendy in the coming years.

Integrated kitchen zones save precious space and ensure versatile functionality. Innovative solutions allow the creation of attractive and space-saving stowaway kitchens. Wood shuttering is often used in vacation rental studios and covers a bed or kitchen based on the time of day. Such an interior design trend is given the name “space-smart”.

Many design trends allow the creation of timeless solutions, particularly when the global community heads in the direction of energy efficiency and sustainable development. Besides, stylish and well-thought-out kitchen design impacts a home’s value. Thus, a kitchen renovation is always a great idea — a kitchen becomes functional and enjoyable for the family; additionally, a renewed kitchen can upvalue the house at once. Request a free quote from Groysman Construction, a remodeling company, and pros will turn a kitchen of your dreams into reality.

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