Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2023

Remodeling a bathroom can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Cost estimation, choice of materials and equipment, and searches for a reliable contractor represent a tricky quest while thinking over bathroom décor is a much more entertaining and involving task. So, let’s see what bathroom trends will dominate in 2023.

Hint: With the world going green, bathroom design doesn’t stand on the sidelines and shifts to more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

What color scheme will be trending for bathrooms in 2023?

After the ornamental boom at the very beginning of the century, the bathroom design palette has changed to calmer pastel colors and shades, such as cream, off-white, coral, beige, or lighter wood shades.

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While natural bathroom colors are everlasting and warm, statement bathrooms enter the scene: bold contrasts of colors and textures, unique color schemes, and a home-spa layout — advanced technologies implemented by sanitaryware, construction materials, and lighting manufacturers open up new vistas for bathroom design. Dusty darker shades of blue and green, as well as earthy shades coupled with large bathroom tiles of lighter tones ensure a luxury feel of a 5-star hotel feel. Rustic and Scandinavian styles dominated since 2010, and ever since the focus shifted from plain minimalism to rugged individualism.

What are the main trends in bathroom design for 2023?

In 2023, bathroom trends of 2022 will continue development towards individualization: manufacturers offer innumerable varieties of bathroom equipment and fixtures let alone finishing materials.

According to Groysman Construction, a well-known remodeling company based in California, people more and more often opt for design highlights via texture, not colors. Given that hard materials, like stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, are typically used for bathrooms, a combination of textures provides an individual spirit and stylish look.

Stone choices. The list of tried and trusted natural materials used for bathrooms, such as granite, marble, and ceramics, was enriched with basalt, quartz, slate, and travertine. Diverse combinations of natural stones and their textures can take your bathroom to an entirely new level.

Yes, natural materials are on the rise in their popularity across all interior design niches. While ceramic tiles, marble, and natural stone are an integral part of almost any bathroom, wood paves its way to modern bathrooms. With the addition of a water-resistant surface layer and modern sealants, wood adds a more organic look and provides a cozy feel compared to stone or ceramic tiles.

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Freestanding bathtubs. Inspired by Japanese style, freestanding bathtubs have taken a central place in many bathroom designs. A variety of shapes and materials allow you to create a mini-spa at home.

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Steam showers. Influenced by the global pandemic, we do spend more time at home and tend to extend showering time. Steam showers are getting popular among Californians — quite often families remodel bathrooms purposely to install a spa-like steam shower.

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Bathroom storage. Functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. When it comes to bathroom cabinetry, there are no limits to your imagination: straight lines or rounded edges, lined with stone tiles or painted, modern materials and techniques allow creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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How do you modernize an outdated bathroom?

Softer pastel bathroom tiles of larger sizes and tiles made of natural stone and marble are gaining more and more popularity for smaller bathrooms. Last year many clients of Groysman Construction shifted from classic all-white bathrooms to functional yet distinct, individually-designed rooms made of sustainable materials.

Interior designers have recently focused on creating unique spaces with a single distinguishing feature. Pretty often spacious arrangement of equipment and light coves become an identifying attribute complemented by unconventional fixtures and accessories. This approach helps to keep a small bathroom visually uncluttered and spacious.

How can I make my small bathroom beautiful?

A bathroom can look stylish regardless of its size. The advantage of smaller bathrooms is that they require fewer materials and smaller investments to make them look stunning.

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Warm colors have made a comeback lately: the natural palette is timeless. If you look for a statement bathroom, choose a focal point: bathroom tile texture, irregular mirrors, light fixtures, LED strips, rounded corners of cabinetry, or fancy accessories.

Consult experienced pros at Groysman Construction on ways to visually expand the room space. Innovative lighting technologies and modern materials provide countless ways to turn your small bathroom into a state-of-the-art part of your home.

If you live in California and list bathroom remodel plans in your 2023 calendar, search no further than Groysman Construction, a San Diego-based remodel company with 20+ years of experience in the renovation industry.

Pros will defer to your bathroom ideas, consult on the latest trends in bathrooms, and offer a budget-friendly renovation plan to transform your bathroom into a masterpiece.

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