Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea?

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea?

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea?

Is bathroom wallpaper a good idea? Well, it depends. First of all, it is important to understand that the bathroom is a room with a high concentration of moisture and high temperature. Therefore, when doing repairs works, one must understand that the choice of materials should largely depend on their moisture resistance.

The majority of people decorate their bathroom with tiles: it’s a tried and tested material that withstands moisture well. Yet, some decide to use wallpaper for the bathroom because it’s a cheaper option, and the choice of options is very large.

Does this option make sense?

Pros and Cons of Wallpaper in Bathrooms

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea? 1

It should be understood that any finishing materials have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of modern wallpaper for bathrooms:


1. Aesthetics. Wallpaper in the bathroom is a stylish element in the design that will add originality and emphasize the style of the interior in the bathroom.


2. Availability. Sticking wallpaper in the bathroom will cost several times cheaper than tiling. Firstly, the material is inexpensive; secondly, the wallpaper can be glued on your own, saving on payment for services.


3. The speed of repair works. Wallpaper sticks quickly and easily – changing the design of your bathroom can take several hours.


4. Wide selection of wallpaper designs. Facing options and texture options make it possible to realize almost any interior solution. You can also choose an unusual pattern or pattern, creating your own individual style.

1. Fragility. Compared to tiles, wallpapers wear out faster. Also, they, one way or another, are affected by moisture in the bathroom, which can lead to swelling and peeling. High humidity also affects wallpaper glue: it can swell and stain on the surface with stains.


2. Impracticality.

Washing wallpaper is highly undesirable. It is also not recommended to wallpaper the surface near the sink and bath, where they can come in contact with water. The additional risk of damaging the wallpaper should be considered if small children live in the house or if you have pets.


3. Additional expenses.

In the case of improper selection of wallpaper, they will not last long, and the expected savings will result in an additional waste of time and money for the owners. To avoid such problems, be responsible with your choice. Vinyl wallpapers, liquid and self-adhesive options are suitable for bathroom decoration.


All in all, wallpapers in the bathroom have only one significant advantage – aesthetics. But when it comes to ergonomics and service life, such material does not stand up the competition.

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea? 2

There are several factors that reduce wallpaper durability in bathroom:

  • Moisture and direct contact with water;
  • Mold formation (paper serves as a great foundation for it);
  • Physical impact;
  • Temperature fluctuations;
  • Correctness of gluing technique.

All of these points should be taken into account when you decide to use wallpapers in bathroom. Otherwise, one mistake can draw your efforts to the zero.

How to choose the right wallpapers?

Do not buy paper-based wallpapers. They are not very suitable for the bathroom and will not last long, especially in the area of the sink and the bath itself. Choose waterproof wallpaper only! There are several options available.

Is Wallpaper in a Bathroom a Good Idea? 3


A great choice for bathroom repair is vinyl wallpaper. They perfectly cope with water vapor, high temperature and, directly, with the water itself. With them, you do not need to be afraid of peeling off and the appearance of spots, because such wallpapers last a long time.
Before pasting with such wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the wallpaper itself, glue, instructions and the surface of the wall. Cut them to a suitable size, leaving a small margin. Then spread a strip of wallpaper with glue and stick it.


Washable wallpaper is a type of vinyl wallpaper that has a moisture repellent surface. They last longer than ordinary vinyl wallpapers, due to the lower risk of water getting under the canvas. Working with such wallpapers is challenging. The edges of the strips must be especially carefully treated with glue. It is necessary to press against a wall with even greater force than vinyl. Bubbles must be removed by moving from the center to the edge.

Glass Wallpaper

Such water resistant wallpaper will never peel off, swell or get dirty. It simply cannot absorb water and water vapor. They can be painted the way you want. When installed, only the surface of the wall is treated with glue – the process of sticking isn’t different from the usual approach.
If, despite all risks, you’ve decided to use wallpapers in bathroom, you need professional consultation. Contact Groysman Construction. Our remodeling company in San Diego will help you select perfect materials that last long and stay highly aesthetic. We use advanced repair techniques and know which materials suit bathrooms best.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Bathroom remodeling tips

Bathroom remodeling tips

Bathroom remodeling tips

Your every day starts from the bathroom which is the one of the most important rooms of the house and and should be your fresh, comfortable and relaxing sanctuary. Bathroom typically is due for remodeling every 10-15 years, so when the time comes you have to be ready for renovation. We want to offer you few tips to make your remodeling experience easy and fun.

Let us take a look what you need to pay attention to, to make your bathroom functional and contemporary.

1. Planning

Bathroom remodeling tips 4

First – determine your budget. Remodeling the bathroom is a lengthy and complex process and it is imperative to work out all the details ahead of time in order to get desirable outcome. Thorough planning is the most important stage of any remodeling, you will need to take into consideration following matters:

  1. Room layout;
  2. Design;
  3. Material selection.

2. Layout

Consider the space you have to work with. See if you want to change the room layout (when room allows you to). The idea is – to make your bathroom functional and not too cluttered. Appearance of your bathroom is one of the goals you want to achive. It is also important to determine what you want to have – a bath tub or a shower cabin.

You can use different avenues in order to create new design:

  1. Some contractors can assist you in putting together a new design
  2. You can use outside professional designer services
  3. Or create your own design based on the ideas from the websites like

3. Finishing materials

Bathroom remodeling tips 5

The main aspect of any remodeling – is selection of the finishing materials. It is essential to use quality finishing materials and fixtures. You always can start looking for your bathroom tile and fixtures in most popular stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

As bath and shower enclosure, most popular materials considered porcelain or natural stone tile of different sizes. You can use also solid surfaces like composite panels or natural or quartz stone slabs.

Do not hesitate to ask your contractor for advice. In many instances, construction companies can buy material supplies with contractor’s discounts from the professional tile and stone, plumbing vendors and it may save you some money.

4. Plumbing fixtures

You can start shopping for the plumbing fixtures at the most accessible places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, IKEA or find it online. First – you pick the right for you design, and then ask your contractor for advice about brand. Good and reputable brands considered Delta, Moen, American Standard, Kohler, Hansgrohe and many more.

5. Ventilation

Bathroom remodeling tips 6

Proper ventilation in the bathroom is a necessity, which does not allow moisture to accumulate. Moisture condensate spells out trouble in the form of mold and dirt. Therefore, when you picking an exhaust system, you have to consider following features:

  1. Power – depending on the size of the bathroom.
  2. Built in light – you might need an additional switch – one for the light and one for the fan.
  3. Quietness – you definitely wouldn’t want a noisy system in your bathroom.

6. Lighting

Recessed lighting is the best choice for your bathroom. It provides excellent illumination along with the modern look. In addition to it, you can have sconce lights mounted over the mirrors. Those you can find in number of styles and designs. In addition, to make you bathroom brighter, you can use different materials: white tile, big frameless mirrors.

7. Find reliable contractor

Once all of the above is resolved: You know the budget, you have your new layout ideas, and you know what materials you would like to use in your new bathroom. Your next step would be – finding the right contractor. Usually, people start looking for the right one by asking around for the referrals and it is the best way to get a good specialist.

Another way to find an honest and reputable contractor – online search. – site that helps to share and generate ideas, promotes Groysman Construction remodeling company as one of the most reputable companies in San Diego.

We hope that these tips will help you to achieve your goal in giving your bathroom completely new look!




You have decided to change your current bathroom for the best, giving it fresher look and feel? Then you’ve made a right decision. After all, it is exactly the bathroom that gets the highest load of use during a day. So, getting it remodeled makes a good sense. This may improve your quality of life. Or, at least, this may not let you feel bored with the appearance of your old room. If your day starts in a worn-out, dull bathroom, your mood may be ruined for until the night. On the other hand, when you like your bathroom, when it is pleasant for you, it may give you extra energy and positive thinking for a day. So, what do you think about adding more texture to your space? Combining a number of different textures, you will give your bathroom a new, one of a kind style and atmosphere. So, let’s consider some ways to use different textures in your future bathroom remodel.

Flooring Texure


Using different textures in bathroom flooring is not only stylish but improves the space from the safety point of view. For instance, if you combine traditional ceramic tile flooring with textural elements, you will be less likely to0 slip on the floor after taking a shower. Even safer and more slip-proof option is sandblasted stone or honed natural stone (of course, not of the polished type) that provide even more traction.

Another great option is wooden flooring elements. In this case, hardwood needs to be sealed in order to prevent moisture damage. Another popular flooring option is carpeting. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, using it as the major bathroom flooring material is quite problematic. However, you may still combine carpet tiles with another tiling. Another variant is to add rugs over tiles.

It is much more convenient than using carpet tiles, as rugs may be removed and cleaned easily at any time. If there is a shower cabin in your bathroom, it also needs textural flooring for the sake of safety. One of such options is pebble flooring that feels great for the feet. Additionally, you may put a removable rubber pad for even more safety. To this, removable pad may be as well taken away from the shower and cleaned anytime to prevent mold appearance.


Combining different textures on your bathroom walls is stylish and provides a great opportunity for design experiments. For example, you may add mirrors over the entire wall or walls to make your space look larger. To this, such a decision is quite convenient, as it provides you an opportunity to see how you look on every side in new clothes or after a month of workouts. And for a more natural feel, you may add bamboo or wooden wall elements. The only thing here is that they are better to be used in the least wet bathroom areas.

                                         Countertops in Bathroom

First of all, your bathroom countertops need to be sustainable and strong, as they are being used a lot on the daily basis. As for textures, you have a great variety of choices, from noble natural marble or granite to laminate or engineered stone. All of them are available in different colors, shades, textures, and palettes. So, it is only up to you to decide what fits best to your bathroom design and your personal preferences.



Different accessories are one more wonderful way of adding even more texture and convenience to your bathroom design. A simple trashcan or laundry basket (if your family stores laundry exactly in the bathroom) made of wood, plastic or steel may be a great textural and at the same time useful and functional element. Shelves made of tough glass or metal can be another contrasting textural element for your bathroom.

We hope this remodeling tips where helpful for you, if you need further consultation -- contact us!





Bathroom remodeling in San Diego is a big decision to make and a hard project to implement given the galore of things to take care of:

  • Elaborating a workable renovation design;
  • Getting permits for plumbing and electrical works from city municipalities;
  • Supplying necessary materials and fixtures;
  • Arranging for the garbage disposal and recycling;
  • The actual installation, finishing touches, and clean-up;
  • Final inspections and approvals from authorities;

With this in mind, bringing a licensed bathroom contractor to save you from stress and misery seems a very sound idea. Most bathroom remodeling contractors in San Diego are one-stop vendors able to cater for all your bathroom renovating needs, from developing a design and obtaining all necessary permits from local officials to driving all the equipment and mechanicals in and polishing the space to perfection.

There is only one problem with bathroom contractors– it is hard to discover the honest one to bring you value, not troubles. These seven sure-fire tips will help you find an excellent in all respects bathroom remodel contractor near you in San Diego.




Beholding the result with your own eyes is the best proof of the contractor’s competence and integrity. If there are folks in your circle that have recently had their bathroom or kitchen renovated, you may reach out to them and ask whether they would recommend their contractor and why so. Clients of trustworthy home remodelers in San Diego always keep the referrals coming.


Once knowing the names of the most/least popular bathroom remodeling firms in San Diego, you can continue doing your due diligence on the Web for more reviews and experience shares. Modern realities force home renovation companies to make their presence on the Internet for better engagement with customers. And it is a good sign when a contractor boasts:

  • An own website with an impressive project portfolio;
  • Accounts in major social networking sites packed full of related photos and posts;
  • A proprietary YouTube channel with over a hundred of videos demonstrating how the company gets the job done.

Solid online footprint means clients have enough resources to learn the company’s ins and outs as well as post reviews and leave comments. No website or poor SNS activity suggests that it will be hard for you to verify whether the contractor is a good fit for you.



Once your online search for bathroom contractors near me in San Diego is over, and you narrowed your choice to 2-3 names, it is time to ensure that the prospective contenders for your bathroom remodel project have no issues with their license and insurance.

Why does it matter? A full-scale bathroom renovation will involve lots of electrical, plumbing, and installation works which must be done by well-trained professionals in rigorous compliance with city codes, lest no end of worries. Possession of a license and insurance also means that you can freely file a lawsuit in court against the contractor in the event they fail to meet their obligations. When communicating with a potential contractor, try to find out whether they are licensed and insured. If yes, ask nicely for telling you their license number and proving their general liability insurance.


Bathroom remodeling contractors asking to pay in cash might be those notorious guys who are often called “fly by night” and should be kept away from. Cash payments have no paper trail, and if you pay this way, get ready that you may find yourself in trouble trying to prove that the money was paid but the job was not done. Avoiding settlements in cash will also save you from problems if the local tax authority suddenly wants to check the recent expenses that you paid.


Chances are that you will gravitate towards some local bathroom contractors in San Diego due to their physical proximity to where you live and advantages associated with this closeness. But being found in the same neighborhood with the tradesmen does not mean you are friends and can believe their bare word. Pay only for the result that you like, for the completion that you see, and for the possession that you get and never let yourself be fed with empty hopes.


Signing a written contract will give you, perhaps, the largest dose of heartsease when hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor in San Diego. Once responsibilities and rights of both parties of the renovation project shape into a written form, you receive a guarantee that everything will go smoothly, and if not, you will have a good reason to go to law.


When affixing your signature on the agreement, make sure it contains the following:

  • Description of the contract
  • The fixed project cost
  • The list of jobs to be done or/and services to be provided
  • Payment mode and schedule
  • Rights and liabilities of the parties
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Duration of the construction period
  • The contractor’s contact, license, and insurance data
  • Cancellation of an agreement
  • Force-majeure circumstances
  • Procedure for work acceptance
  • Life of the contract


Even small bathroom re-does may span quite long, while full-scale renovations may linger on for weeks, if not months. A great bathroom remodel contractor will make clear the time frames during which the jobs will be done as well as explain all other subtle aspects involved in your bathroom renewal process:

  • Who your contact person will be during the project;
  • How they are going to pull the permits;
  • How they are going to clean up the mess and dispose of the construction debris;
  • What measures they will take to protect your property;
  • Whether some additional charges may incur in between and why.

A better bathroom contractor in San Diego is like a caring parent: they strive to protect you from any headache associated with renovating your sanitary room and do their utmost to leave you happy, not disappointed.

Do not think that finding the best bathroom remodeling contractor in San Diego is a tedious and time-consuming task – it is just a matter of a few clicks! Contact us today to get your bathroom refined with the ultimate professionalism, dedication, and on mutually beneficial conditions!

However, there is a wickedly simple way to find the best bathroom contractor in San Diego and benefit at every stage of a remodel extravaganza – to hire Groysman Construction Remodeling Company and enjoy how your obsolete and problematic bathroom is rapidly transforming into a beautiful and ultra-modern facility at a price that you can afford.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom? 14

Problems with the bathroom may be the most unpleasant of all possible house issues. After all, they mean the bad start of the day, lots of inconvinience, and lower overall quality of life. So no wonder that bathroom remodel projects are so popular in San Diego. We know well that for the most homeowners, bathroom remodel price matters. So, here is some information on this subject for you to orientate yourself.

Bathroom remodeling itself can be different in complexity, which affects the costs the most. Most homeowners in San Diego report spending around $10,000-15,000 on their projects. Of course, this sum may vary greatly, depending on many factors. These factors are in general the same as in the case of kitchen remodels. The first and the most important one is the amount of work your bathroom needs. Often, especially in the older houses, a tremendous job needs to be done, including replacement of structural plumbing elements. No wonder that in this case the bathroom remodel price per square foot may be more than impressive.

Planing a Budget

Here is a list of the possible major elements of a bathroom remodel:

  • Bathtub installation: $400-8,000;
  • Cabinets: $1,200-$13,000;
  • Countertops: $900-6,500;
  • Flooring: $800-7,000;
  • Lighting fixtures: $120-4,000;
  • Shower installation: $450-10,000;
  • Sink installation: $190-6,500;
  • Toilet installation: $130-780.

As you see, the costs may be different by a huge ratio. However, you will not necessarily need all these jobs to be done, unless you are adding a whole new bathroom to your house. Moreover, most of them have much cheaper alternatives. For example, instead of installing new bathroom cabinetry you may just refinish the old one with the fresh paint. And even more, repairing some older bathroom may be quite easy, so buying the new expensive one is not always necessary.

With the above-listed bathroom remodel price estimates in mind, let’s take a closer look to some options of your future project.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Price

You may cut your bathroom remodel price greatly if you are able to perform some job yourself. The cost of such projects may be even under $3,000. This sum mostly consists of spendings on materials. However, in any case, no bathroom remodel can be fully DIY as only professionals should perform some of the most difficult tasks (like plumbing and electrical jobs).

Basic Upgrade

This is the most popular option among the owners of relatively new houses. In this case, you will have to pay around $10,000. For this sum, you may get a better, renewed bathroom with a fresher look without replacing your old bathroom fixtures like the bathtub or shower.

Mid-range Remodel

For the price of about $25,000 you might get a whole new bathroom without excessive luxury, including new bathroom fixtures, tiles, and cabinets. With such sum of money, you are unlikely to get, for example, marble countertops or other incredibly expensive things. However, this does not mean that your bathroom will be worse in quality, as some modern cheaper materials are even more durable and good looking than their costly traditional alternatives.

Luxurious Remodel

It is not a secret that the more money you are ready to spend, the more options you have. Any bathroom remodel the price of which exceeds $35,000 may be called luxurious. With such a budget, you may afford top-noch fixtures and materials, or even increase the size of your whole bathroom.

To learn more about your future bathroom remodeling price, including remodel price per square foot, contact us for the expert consultation. This consultation may become your first step on the way to the better bathroom, better house, and better life!

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower 15

Though a large bathtub gives us the luxury to lie in and slacken thoughts, a shower seems to be a more practical solution for modern homes where facilities are outrageously limited. Many homeowners want to convert bathtub to shower to make the sanitary room bigger and adjust the released space for something else. Getting a shower instead of a full-featured bathtub also makes sense for families with oldsters or physically impaired members.

If you can boast solid DIY skills, you can handle this bathroom remodel project without hiring a contractor. Most homeowners are afraid of inviting professional engineers to alter a bathtub to shower believing this will be too expensive. In fact, bathtub to shower conversion cost accounts for approximately $2000, which is comparable to buying a new shower kit for further DIY installation.

First Things First

Before you put your hands to bathroom remodel, decide on the type of a shower you want as an ultimate product. The choice is not so large: a curbed or curbless shower.

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower 16

The main peculiarity of a curbless shower is that it does not have any barrier or a threshold on the entry. Such a shower can be a bit tricky to install because it requires the slope of the drainage floor to be slightly lower than the level of the nearby floor. This is a must-have feature for a curbless shower, otherwise, the water will not travel to the drain point properly.

Advantages of curbless showers include:

  • The elderly, kids, and people with reduced mobility can easily use a curbless shower since there is no barrier for entry;
  • Accessibility – such a shower is very easy to clean and maintain;
  • A curbless shower effectively showcases a stylish tile pattern because such a shower is generally not fully enclosed or has no door, so that a lovely ornament can be well seen.
  • More privacy. Unlike a curbless model, a curbed shower does not have an open concept.
  • Thanks to a curb, a curbed shower does not let water get out and flood the floors.
  • A curbed shower does not allow the heat to escape. If you get easily cold in the shower, you’d better opt for a curbed shower.

Your decision-making will not stop at selecting between a curbed and curbless shower. You will also have to decide between a ready-made shower kit and a custom shower. If it will be a DIY project, it is more reasonable to gravitate towards a shower kit from a household store because they are much cheaper and easier to install without outside help.

Plan Out Your Future Shower Space

If you had an alcove bathtub, or it was made of any synthetic plastic, you will not have any significant problems with removal. Since this place was previously occupied by your tub, you will not have to rearrange the plumbing completely – it is already in place and will hardly need any fundamental modifications. Major interference with your plumbing system will badly affect the final cost of your bathroom remodel project not to mention the involvement of expert help (the presence of a stranger in a house is always somewhat messy and disturbing, you know).

What will You Need?

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower 17

You will not be able to convert your bathtub to a shower without having the next inventory:

  1. Naildrawer
  2. Pry bar
  3. Plywood
  4. Putty knife or utility knife
  5. Reciprocating saw
  6. Screw-turn
  7. Shower kit
  8. Universal wrench
  9. Wrench

Dismantle Tiles and Drywall

The transformation of your bathtub into a shower starts with pulling out old tile and drywall around the tub, otherwise, you simply will not be able to get a bulky fitment out off the room.

Take care of the floor beforehand, if only you do not want the initial bathroom remodel project budget to soar to extremes. For this, put plywood or tarpaulin on the bathroom floors and also cut off the water in the facility.

With a screw-turn and a universal wrench in hands, remove the drain cover, curtain rod, water faucet, and all other fixtures you have in the work zone.

After that, use a wrench to detach the main and overflow drains. Rotate counterclockwise to turn the locknut.

Demount any tile surrounding your bathtub with the help of a utility knife. Scrape down every wall around a tub, eliminate all the grout – the surrounding surfaces must remain even and clean.

Once there is no tile left on the walls, it is time to remove the drywall around the tub area. Be very careful and avoid cutting into studs. After all removals, you should have three separate clean walls in a result.

Now you can remove the old bathtub. It should not be difficult because there is no tile and drywall left in surrounding space.

First of all, exclude all nails and screws that may fasten your bathtub to the walls.

Take your utility knife to get rid of any caulk around your bathtub and flooring.

Move a tub out of its place by lifting on end of the tub with a pry bar.

If the bathtub appears to be too large to fit through the door, cut it in smaller parts with a reciprocating saw.

Now take all the wasted material out, it will not hurt to rent a dumpster to dispose of the large garbage.

How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower 18

Installing a New Shower

The installation stages of a new shower kit will depend on the model of shower you chose: curbed or curbless. Whatever your variant, make sure you properly follow the instructions provided on the packaging of your shower kit. If you are not very confident about your DIY abilities to convert a bathtub into a shower, feel free to ask a licensed contractor to do the entire dirty job instead of you. Do not think it will cost you a fortune: the bathtub to shower conversion cost is generally not higher than buying a shower kit for DIY installation.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

The house was built in 1940s and we ran into a number of challenges during the construction process, including foundation, plumbing and subfloor level. The owner wanted to expand her only bathroom and we tried a variety of different approaches. Finally, we settled on the idea of building the bathroom in place of the bedroom and using the former bathroom as a den.

The outcome exceeded the owners expectations. During the process we helped her pick materials to ease the full process. 

For the kitchen made it open and spacious, with a complete custom kitchen remodel with European smaller standard appliances, blue shaker cabinets, natural wood shelves & desk top, granite counter tops, with a subway tile on the back splash. We also installed solid wood flooring throughout the house.

For more information, please, check here

Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

Choosing bathroom cabinets is a very important step during bathroom remodeling. Meantime, it is quite hard choice, considering all the numerous options available. At one point, you may find yourself stuck on choosing between unassembled and ready-made cabinets, stock and custom, oak or maple, and so forth.

It is obvious that the cabinets have an effect on the bathroom look and feel very much. They largely determine the style of your whole space. Today, the cabinet’s options are so diverse that simply buying simple white cabinets would be a horrible style crime. So, where to start?

Analyze your bathroom space

bathroom-planFirst, you need to figure out the peculiarities of the way you use your bathroom. The answer to this question is individual, so think well about your bathroom habits and use this to choose the most appropriate configuration and materials for your future cabinets. For example, if you often relax taking long baths, you may wish to have a place for TV in your room.

One more good starting point is a bookstore or interior design websites. Look through magazines or design websites for ideas to see what you really like. This may help you narrow the options. You may also visit a designer showroom if there is any in your city.

Designers claim that designing a bathroom is a challenging task. It is trickier than creating, for example, a kitchen design. The first reason is the smaller space of a bathroom. Other thing is that almost everything in the bathroom has water or electrical issues. Therefore, in creating bathroom design for your remodel you should consider hiring a professional.

Don’t spend too much on cabinetry

The best tip as for not overpaying for new bathroom cabinets is described in the previous paragraph. After all, if you completely realize how you use the bathroom, you will not buy what you do not actually need.

Bathroom cabinets are not always the most costly part of a remodel. However, the prices of vanities/cabinets vary a lot – they may cost even a several thousand dollars. As usual, in case of bathroom cabinetry you get the quality depending on the amount of money you pay. Nevertheless, there are ways to spend less. For example, when it comes to prices, hiring a professional designer may help again, just because their connections may help you get advantageous deals even with the classiest dealers.

You can save money in case if you buy unfinished cabinetry, assemble and install it on your own. However, it is quite time-consuming and exhaustible work, especially if you have no experience. You may also spend less if you shop for your new cabinets online, looking for the most competitive prices. The obvious disadvantage of buying cabinets online is that you cannot see it in real life, touch it and make sure you like everything about it. So, be ready to get a pig in a poke, especially if you deal, for example, with a new online store.

Decide on your bathroom style

Bathroom Cabinets StyleBasically, bathroom cabinets may be classified into 3 groups. The 1st is the standalone vanity (usually with the sink). The second category includes all other bathroom cabinets and units. The third is the cabinet’s sets or the so-called suites.

As for styles, they are as numerous as the paint colors. Sleek, shabby chic, country, classic, contemporary, modern, eclectic, glass… The style options are almost endless.

However, do not let this wide variety of style choices make you forget about the main purpose of your cabinets that is: to store your things. Fortunately, modern cabinets are perfect in organization. They have lots of amenities like drawer dividers, garages for devices like hair dryers, linen trays, and so forth.

Following new trends

The above said cabinetry organizing amenities are not the only modern trend. The other popular feature is, for example, lighting – we see more and more cabinets with built-in lightning in different forms.

Another trend is a furniture-like look; this means, for example, adding bun feet to the bathroom cabinets and using such materials as dark cherry or walnut for them. The main reason for this trend is that people often want to turn their bath into a relaxing retreat, something like an at-home spa.

One more common practice is to match the style of the bathroom cabinets with other home interior details. Many homeowners want their bathroom cabinet’s match, for example, the kitchen cabinetry, living room furniture, bedside-tables to create style continuity.

For more info on bathroom vanities and bathroom remodeling, please click here.


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