Wood Countertops Pros and Cons

Wood Countertops Pros and Cons

Wood Countertops Pros and Cons

White kitchen cabinets with dark countertop

You’re considering a wooden countertop for your kitchen? Weigh all ‘for’ and ‘against’ before buying one. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

Best Wood for Countertops

How to select wood for countertops? Countertops are made from various types of wood: pine, beech, oak. But when choosing a material, it is worth paying attention not only to its appearance and structure. The main criterion in this case is hardness. With proper care over time, consumers report improvements in surface appearance.

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The best option for the kitchen interior will be hardwood: ash, beech and oak. Conifers, such as spruce, pine, larch, are not suitable, especially for apartments. The wood worktop has antistatic properties, thanks to which dust does not settle on the surface, and dirt and stains are not too striking.

Ash wood, birch, oak and beech will be an ideal option for hardness of wood. Wood countertops made from pine, larch and alder are considered to be soft, especially for use in the kitchen. But there is one caveat – the harder the wood, the higher the cost. This is due to the fact that hard rocks grow for a long time and are rarely found. If there are scratches on a wood countertop, then they can easily be varnished, previously treated with a sandpaper.

Note that the durability of the countertops depends on the manufacturing method. From an array, it is more often subjected to curvature than glued ones.
Natural veneer is used as a finishing material in the manufacture of furniture. She takes the form of a tree. It is not surprising that it is also used for the production of countertops in kitchen and even bath. Its advantages include resistance to water, mechanical damage, low cost, glossy appearance, does not absorb stains.

Butcher block countertops are becoming increasingly popular. This is a block made of straight cuts of wood sticked together. They ensure a stable and durable workplace and can be combined with different types of interior. They are highly recommended for mobile kitchens and bar tops due to durability and relatively low weight. Consider the options made of maple, walnut, Brazilian cherry, and red oak, or some exotic kinds of wood (wenge, zebrawood, iroko).

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Pros and Cons of Wooden Countertops

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Pros of Wooden Countertops

  1. The ease of processing allows you to give the tabletop any shape.
  2. The possibility of combining any wooden item, even butcher block countertop, with glass, metal, tile and other finishing materials allows the wood worktop to fit seamlessly into any interior style.
  3. The elastic structure reduces the possibility of chipping, which affects stone countertops.
  4. With proper care, the service life is more than 25 years. Wood is the only material that becomes more beautiful over time.
  5. Possibility of replacing tone and surface finish.
  6. Wood is antistatic, so dust does not accumulate on it.
  7. Ease of renovation and minor surface repair. Places of minor damage and stubborn stains are treated with sandpaper, then covered with oil.
  8. The price is 2-3 times lower than that of analogues made of artificial or natural stone.
  9. The ability to perform any milling of the edges of the countertops.

At the same time, wooden countertops have a few disadvantages.

Cons of Wooden Countertops

1. Surface care is required. Natural wood requires careful regular maintenance. It is prone to being contaminated by insect pests, and therefore requires special impregnation. And most importantly, wood counter is ‘afraid of water’: even a couple of drops left by negligence for several hours, can lead to darkening of the surface. You can cover the wooden countertop with moisture-proof varnish. So you will deprive yourself of a significant share of pleasant tactile sensations, but protect the surface. Another way to improve the properties of natural wood is to impregnate it with oil, additionally protecting it with wax. This will retain the heat and texture of the material, but much less effectively protect it from the effects of contact with water.

2. The material is easy to damage. Alas, with intensive use, a natural tree is prone to scratches, chips, dents, cuts – and these effects of physical exposure are very noticeable. If desired, you can restore the original form, but it will take time, effort, money.

3. It’s a highly flammable material. Wooden countertop is a highly flammable item. Even with various impregnations that allow the tree to withstand high temperatures and even open fires for longer, it is difficult to call the surface the best option for, say, kitchens with gas stoves.

4. Inability to use aggressive household chemicals. Caring for a natural tree implies the rejection of abrasive cleaners, aggressive household chemicals: the former can scratch the surface, the latter can leave dark spots.

5. Significant weight. Wood is a very heavy material. With restrictions on the load on the floor slabs or placement on the balcony, this is an essential point.

Wood Countertops Cost

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Is wood an expensive option for kitchen countertops? Wood is a rather costly pleasure, but modern manufacturers offer a lot of more budget-friendly counterparts. If you need an affordable option, seek MDF and particleboard variants: they imitate wooden surface and can be waterproof if protected properly. If you need a high-quality option, choose oak or some exotic types of wood – they will serve for long.

Need help with the choice of a solid custom countertop, don’t hesitate to contact Groysman Construction remodel company. We help customers in San Diego to figure out the best solutions for countertops and islands.

Best Colors for Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets

Best Colors for Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets

Best Colors for Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets with dark countertop

When it comes to white color, it’s widely perceived as a pure, noble, stylish color, so it’s no wonder so many interior designers prefer using white quartz countertops and various white elements in kitchens. It is the best choice in terms of adaptability since it is not really a test to discover hues that turn out poorly with white. White cupboards, particularly, show off the splendor and style and when combined with entirely shaded quartz countertops, they bring in the purity and nobleness, no matter what is the style of interior.

At the same time, while white cupboards are well known for their flexibility, this doesn’t imply that you don’t need to put some idea on the shade of your ledges while picking one. Indeed, you are presumably doing precisely the contrary thing at this moment. Your interior is at your hands! The more alternatives you have, the more troublesome it is to choose. This is the reason we are here to assist you with choosing the ideal quartz countertops with white cabinets for your room.Here are the best quartz ledges for white cupboards that prevailed among homeowners in San Diego.

Let’s find out which color combinations with white will make your kitchen the room of your dream.

Going all-white

White quartz countertops with white cabinets is an exemplary mix. It includes a fresh, clean inclination to a kitchen and permits you to supplement this with for all intents and purposes any sort of stylistic theme that you need. Regardless of whether these are kitchen embellishments or bright backsplashes, you can never turn out badly with a white quartz ledge. In the event that you lean toward an increasingly monochromatic topic for your kitchen, you can settle on an unadulterated white quartz countertop.

Pro tip: make sure the white elements in your interior have the same shade (clear white, creamy, greyish, etc).

What about blue?

There is continually something quieting with the shading blue and this serene vitality that it radiates can be stretched out to rooms. Joined with white cupboards, blue quartz countertops create the atmosphere of freedom and bring about calm vibes. This is likewise ideal for when you want to create a marine-styled interior since blue, white, and a bit of green from indoor plants can cause you to feel like you are resting somewhere on exotic island. If you’re in search of countertops for white cabinets, consider blue: dark shades look very expensive and stylish together.

Deep, ever-stylish black

White kitchen cabinets with black countertops…Sounds too contrasting? Dark has consistently been the go-to shading when searching for something that would contrast with light colors. Black quartz countertops with white cupboards provide ageless, chic zest for any kitchen or dining room. Besides, it’s far superior is that it’s a decent corresponding shading for your kitchen apparatuses, particularly in the event that they are those metal-hued types.

Brown doesn’t mean boring

If you consider something neutral but interesting, think about brown quartz countertops with white cabinets. Earthy-colored elements are one is the favorite choice for white kitchen cupboards in San Diego. This shading brings such a bit of characteristic vibe to your kitchen so on the off chance you are into the eco-friendly interiors, this would be a win-win option for you. Earthy-colored quartz countertops with white cupboards likewise produce a warm gleam to an unassuming residence’s kitchen. This looks particularly decent on the off chance that you have a great deal of wooden elements and greenery.

Pro tip: Brown elements likewise will look awesome with wooden floor and old-style tiles.

Beige as a gentle alternative to brown quartz countertops

One more versatile color is beige, this is why many home owners are raving about this shading and use it for stone countertops. For sure, beige adds a lofty mood to any room. Like other neutral colors referenced above, it is easy to combine with practically any stylistic layout of your decision. Be that as it may, in particular, it tends to be perfectly combined with white kitchen cupboards. Beige quartz countertop is a stylish pick, not mentioning that it creates the sense of comfort and can be combined with many other colors.

Gray: calm, modern, generous

Gray countertops with white cabinets give both a modern and smooth touch to room. Particularly if you select a deep dark shade, your kitchen will have a ultra-present day feel to it. Like dark quartz ledges, it is a shading that is likewise advantageous to clean and keep up. Dark quartz ledges can add a cool touch to any kitchen and you can likewise alter it with other stone elements. In case you’re additionally into striking hues when deciding on the room style, they can without much of a stretch work out positively for your grey quartz countertops.

Whichever shade you prefer for your interiors, we can always help you with selecting ideal quartz kitchen countertops. Our company has rich experience of home remodeling and repair works, and we have created hundreds of design projects for our customers. Just make a call, and soon you will enjoy your new, cozy & stylish kitchen designed by professionals.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular?

White kitchen with white countertop

Gone are the times when the kitchen was arranged in the back of the house and used only as a cubbyhole to prepare meals, wash dirty dishes, and store all possible stuff. Today, the kitchen has a different, some may say, sacred role. It is the focal point of your dwelling, the place with a magical power to bring everyone together early in the morning and after a long day way.

White kitchen with wood walls

Since the kitchen is the chief attraction of any residence, homeowners try to improve it in all imaginable ways, beautifying kitchen interiors and augmenting its functionality. And white kitchens nowadays are an evolving aspect of design.

A white kitchen is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. White is the color that shines like a star, is fresh like morning dew and clean like a baby’s soul. Shining, clean, fresh are the best words to describe a great kitchen. White is all about luxury.

Apart from luxury, white is also associated with health and sanitation – the two attributes of a household’s immaculacy and security. And when your home is sterile and healthy, it definitely costs more. A white kitchen looks speckles and amazing, producing a sense of healthy cleanliness.

This gives confidence that any product cooked in such a kitchen is proper. For this reason, restaurants’ owners practically always elect for white kitchen cabinets.

White’s simple, yet, stunning beauty represents happiness, purity, and tranquility. Color therapists highly recommend having an all-white space in the house to feel inspired and refreshed. Why shouldn’t it be a kitchen?

White is a perfect solution for small kitchens. Since this is the brightest color of the spectrum, it can reflect light, thus making a tiny room appear more spacious.

Think that white is a boring color? No such thing. It is the ultimate neutral – when compared with white, every other color looks in its best, which fills the space with interesting contrasts and vivid accents. Artwork and accessories explode when set against a white backdrop!

White as a basic color can morph into any kitchen style, whether it is strict traditional or roaring contemporary.

White is a dominating color for most manufacturers, and it can work in your favor: you can easily find snowy cabinets, white cabinets with white countertops, tile, and appliances that will not only look great but be very affordable to ideally fit your budget, too.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 14

There is no need to have an all-white kitchen. A white kitchen can come with jet-black cabinets or neon-yellow dining furniture, and it will not seem ridiculous if everything the entire area is kept in balance. Just weight your choices carefully and let the white color portray full-on elegance of your kitchen. 

Do not fear to experiment with mixes and color shots to get really a winning combination:

  • White is great when coupled with wood. Timber flooring or a wood island is all-time perfect mixers.
  • Glass elements feel clean and enhance the glow of a white kitchen without excessive coloration. Upper cabinets with glass doors are always a smart choice for a white kitchen.
  • A couple of massive stainless steel appliance (like a range hood or a pot rack) paired with white will add a desired dash of glamour, making a kitchen truly gorgeous.

White Kitchen Styles

There are really many white kitchen styles, which can conditionally be divided into three main groups:

  • Classical styles: Baroque, Empire, Rococo, Gothic, Renaissance, Roman, and Greek styles.
  • Modern styles: Hi-Tech, Pop Art, Loft, Minimalism, Country, Art Deco, Eco-Style, Provence, Modern, etc.
  • National ethnic styles: English, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, African, Oriental, Egyptian, Scandinavian, etc.

The white color can spruce up any kitchen remodel design and steal the WOWs of anybody who walks in for the first time. In a traditional interior, white will provide a soothing canvas and accentuate the cabinetry. In a Hi-Tech kitchen, the snowy color will offer an appropriate field for experiments with color and details. And the Provence-styled tiny kitchen will look much airier and cozier when dressed in white. Here are our picks of the most appealing white kitchen ideas.

Classic White Kitchen

A classic white kitchen is all about good, large, high-quality furniture. Apart from a practical role, furniture defines the whole concept of the kitchen interior. For a classic white kitchen, it is better to opt for antique on-floor cabinets with turning legs and patina marks on the facades. White-colored furnishing, a backsplash, tile or a dining island is must-haves constituents of a traditional snowy kitchen. Walls painted in white or white wallpapers will create a perfect background for wooden countertops. White flooring will let the natural light flood the interior and visually enlarge the whole space. Natural materials, light wallpapers, and vintage furniture will enhance the white ambiance and produce a fashionable and beautiful kitchen interior.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 15

Hi-Tech White Kitchen

When it comes to white kitchen remodel, Hi-Tech design is what you cannot go wrong with. Utmost functionality and ultra-modern finishing are what make the Hi-Tech style so popular with interior designers and remodeling contractors. Futuristic, Hi-Tech white kitchen islands and cabinetry look incredible against black or dark walls, flooring, and ceiling. White monochrome elements like chandeliers, an air extraction system, quartz countertops or cupboards paired with sleek Hi-Tech colors will give an edgy look to your kitchen.

It is not difficult to make a kitchen fit all the demands of the Hi-Tech style, just use one, two or three of neutral colors to achieve that hottest trend: white and gray, black and white, silver and white or white and graphite.

Completely white seat furniture in the dark setting or walls painted in light tinctures contrasted with heavy-shade floors and ceiling and enhanced with several colorful accents (for instance, red cabinet facades, bright-green textile, silver pendant light or lemon-yellow lightning equipment) will showcase your flair for exquisiteness and non-standard solutions.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 16

Modern White Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen with modern white kitchen cabinets is a cool trend reflecting the energy of contemporary lifestyle. A kitchen in the Modern style is functional, comfortable, elegant, and easy-to-maintain while it also boasts astounding, bold and chic kitchen interiors complimented with fanciful elements. A white Modernist kitchen will be in its best if you combine this color with a brighter palette such as green, blue or red. Outstanding ceramics, a vivid backsplash or unusual stools will add these sparks of color.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 17

You can also find interesting renovation ideas for your home here.

Provence White Kitchen

Provence is, perhaps, the homiest and most romantic style for a kitchen in white shadows. This design seems to be purposefully invented for such premises: jolly wallpapers, rainbow facades, and colorful backsplashes create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the kitchen. The Provence style is known for the prevalence of bright accents in the interior: cheerful curtains, ornamental wallpapers, and matte facades of cupboards and islands. The use of dark finishing is also possible, but in very limited amounts, just to produce eye-pleasing contrasts without letting the dark palette dominate.

A calm white background is the best way to emphasize and highlight the bright colors of a Provence kitchen. The use of the black gamma is minimal in Provence kitchens, but the shades of yellow, blue, and green in an overall white setting are more than welcome.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 18

You can find useful information about a kitchen renovation costs here.

Other Style White Kitchens

White kitchens are great for other interior styles because they never fail to expand the space of a small room. A Rococo or Empire style kitchen will not look that refined and posh if there are no touches of white. Black tones are rich and elegant, but truly successful combinations are possible exclusively with white and its shades.

Roman and Greek styles of kitchen design also suggest the use of white overtones as the dominant color. Antique white kitchen cabinets are generally freestanding and are not fixed to the wall, which lands a kitchen a very period look.

Antique white cabinets

Sometimes, kitchens in such styles do not feature cabinets at all, but have open shelves instead, all painted in white or other pastel colors making the kitchen appear very sophisticated. Sometimes, there are Roman/Greek kitchens that are majorly blue with handcrafted white items everywhere around the perimeter: on countertops, window sills, workspaces. Blue-shuttered windows and whitewashed walls – do you have a different concept of a Greek kitchen?

A white and green gamut in the Eco-Style Kitchen design produces a very interesting combination. This fusion does not tolerate black finishes and is associated with summer greenery and freshness.

Why Are White Kitchens So Popular? 19

Whatever the style you want to remodel your kitchen, the white color is always a unique and interesting approach to make the basic space of your house even more beautiful and trendy. White and its shadows can implement the most intense palette. Such a kitchen will easily stand the test of time and will never go out of fashion while bringing a lot of positive emotions to the homeowners and their guests.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Best Options for Kitchen Coloring

Best Options for Kitchen Coloring

Best Options for Kitchen Coloring

Best Options for Kitchen Coloring - Groysman Construction | Remodeling in San Diego

When it comes to choosing the colors for your future kitchen finish, it is quite easy to get confused. After all, it is exactly the kitchen colors that define the look and feel of your room at the first place. So, choosing the right ones is a very important decision that affects your everyday life. The choice of paint colors and shades for kitchen in particular and for any room in general is almost endless. Among available paint options you may find literally any color you can imagine. So, it is quite hard to decide which one fits your taste the best and helps you get the most of your kitchen design. So, for you to orientate yourself in all this diversity, we have prepared some tips as for choosing the best kitchen paint colors. Our suggestions are quite universal and work well specifically in kitchens. The only thing that is up to you is to pick the one that you like the best.

The best paint colors for kitchen

Best Options for Kitchen Coloring 21

Some of the most beneficial colors for kitchen finishes are white, gray, all shades of green, red, yellow and blue. They look wonderful both on the walls, kitchen furniture, and all interior elements. Of course, not all of them are combinable with each other, except white that fits all. However, all of them in the right combinations can make your kitchen feel a little different but cozy and appealing.

You cannot go wrong if you choose the warmer colors for your kitchen interior finish. Shades of red, yellow, and orange are considered as those that create a positive mood and promote the good appetite. They are very versatile, so it is possible to pick a shade that is dear to anyone’s taste. However, making your kitchen all red or orange is too bold experiment. Try to combine vibrant colors with more pastel ones or white.

So let’s think on the main colors:

Best Options for Kitchen Coloring 22
  • As for white, it makes any room feel fresh and bright. White color may help you to wake up in the morning when you have your first cup of coffee in your kitchen. Even if you really like this color, all-white room may seem too boring for you. Luckily, white looks great in almost any combination. So, the experiments are always welcome. We love white color in our work -- take a look on these kitchens!
  • Another perfect kitchen color is gray. It is neutral enough and makes the room feel calm and relaxing. Despite it is often considered to be too cold and boring, the right shade of gray works like magic in kitchens. It combines wonderfully with many other colors. So, it is second after white in the list of the best base paint colors for kitchen.
  • Blue color is another one that looks beautifully in the kitchen finishes. Lighter and colder blue shades can make a room feel fresh and clear. They are perfect for walls or ceilings, but they may work just as well on kitchen furniture. Darker blue shades are good for kitchens too. However, you should not overdo with them, as they may make your room seem gloomy. A good way to incorporate dark blue in your interior design is to use it in accents in pair with white or gray.
  • Yellow feels just like sun. It brightens any room, filling it with a feeling of joy and love for life, making anyone who steps in it feel happier. It works well even with the smallest rooms and combines perfectly with other warm colors, not to mention white and gray.
  • The last one in our list of best kitchen paint colors is green. There are lots of its shades – from colder mint to vibrant grass green. And they all work marvels in kitchens if added in a smart way. Any green shade looks just perfect with white color and wooden elements, making your kitchen feel natural and appealing. If you opt for bolder design, choose emerald green. This wonderful bright shade can energize your kitchen even better than yellow or red.

If you are experiencing doubts on color of your kitchen -- call us. We can advice you and provide remodeling services for you in all San Diego!

Newest kitchen trends 2020

Newest kitchen trends 2020

Newest kitchen trends 2020

The appearance of kitchen is what defines the environment and atmosphere of the rest of the house. Want to remodel the room or create a completely new design? Find out what are kitchen trends 2020. We will discuss which colors are on the peak of popularity, how to pick up the right furniture, and which tricks can improve space functionality and add comfort.


In 2020, kitchens will be adorned with dull colors: gray, white, beige and platinum metallic are the most widespread solutions since they match well with many other colors. Does it mean there’s no place for bright accents? Not at all! Juicy accents can be made on vases, lamps, and some stylish household items.

Newest kitchen trends 2020 24

Other very kitchen color trends 2020 include:

  • Neo Mint is a delicate pastel color that reflects futurism. In combination with white, it brings freshness and lightness to the interior, and more complex shades make the space more fun.
  • Purist Blue is a sophisticated version of the basic blue, which is becoming a trend today. It is not as bright as peppermint, so it will surely appeal to people preferring natural combinations and not ready for extreme experiments.
  • Cassis is a mixture of pink and purple -- a shade of black currant will look great in both basic and accent colors.
  • Cantaloupe is not a bright orange, it is more muted. This color is also called the cantaloupe melon color. Optimistic, life-affirming, it can become a real alternative to yellow during this season.
  • Mellow Yellow or mustard is an absolute hit of recent years that does not leave the pages of fashionable interior design magazines. It matches well with both bright shades and more saturated dark ones.

Is white color still relevant?

Being simple and pure, white stays the basic color of minimalistic interiors. This is a versatile shade that looks well with all kinds of furniture and appliances.

Open storage

This trend has been a very arguable one: while some designers say it’s outdates, others decided to refresh the idea. They offer to organize open shelves to hold antique cookware, vintage glasses, and pieces of cookware with patina. Adding some vintage-style accessories ads up zest and coziness to any interior.

Matte textures

More and more interior designers decide to switch to matte surfaces. One purpose behind such choice is that traces of water and fingerprints are plainly noticeable on a lustrous surface. That is the reason such furniture is becoming less demanded. If you don’t want to spend your time on regular cleaning, you should focus on extraordinary solutions and try matte dirt-repellent surfaces.

Newest kitchen trends 2020 25

Linear kitchen sets and islands

The straight set rather than the L-molded is one more tribute to modern minimalistic style. The most up-to-date arrangement of furniture is the island and cabinets set up in a straight line along the divider where the appliances are installed. Regardless of whether you have a little room, don’t give up the idea of using the island design: by using it, you can even improve the ergonomics of the room. It would be perfect to construct a sink in the island, however the possibility depends on the piping layout

Newest kitchen trends 2020 26

Matching surfaces

One of the main backsplash trends 2020 is uniting countertop and backsplash: the material extends from the working surface to the adjacent wall, which makes up for a clean and modern look. In no way it’s boring – just add shelves on this wall, and enjoy well-structured space. Forget about tiles and search for new backsplash materials, the results may surprise you.

Thin countertops

We frequently pick thick countertops thinking of them as being increasingly strong. Yet, designers say that thickness does not play any significant role and we can pick slender countertops – it’s only important to select the correct material. Note that sturdy models are made of rock or porcelain stoneware, while glass would look great in a light interior with the abundance of white color.

Simple & minimalistic facades

Kitchen cabinet trends 2020 suggest the dismissal of upper cupboards and handles. Let’s admit that: a huge amount of kitchen utensils has lost importance and no longer should be kept at home.

You can replace the cupboards with an open shelf for decorative dishes or even leave the space unfilled. Handles for storage spaces also look obsolete. Today, designers switch to the hidden door opening framework when you can open door just by pushing it. Along these lines, the facades look cleaner and simpler while handles don’t gather dirt and don’t draw in a lot of attention.

Outdated Design Tricks

Forget about the following things:

  • Velvet parts: components of rococo, baroque and other outdated historical style;
  • Bar counter. Such element was mainstream at the time because of its perplexing structure however lost its significance in the modern period.
  • Photo printing on furniture and splash back. This pattern was mainstream in 90s, yet today is utilized only in the dull kitchen furniture.

Now you have a few fresh ideas for your kitchen renovation. By using these trends, you will make the room look modern and interesting, not mentioning a higher level of convenience and ergonomics. Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Design ideas for ceiling

Design ideas for ceiling

Design ideas for ceiling

Design ideas for ceiling

Five Ideas for an Excellent Ceiling

Ceiling design is one of the parts of the house that is often overlooked in the process of remodeling. Almost every homeowner making a kitchen renovation opts for replacing cabinetry, treating walls, or even changing floor finish. And if you want your kitchen to be really one-of-a-kind, look up! Give your ceiling the attention it deserves and the result will impress you.
So, if you are tired of boring flat and white ceilings that are found almost in every house around, this article is for you. Here are our five ideas for a unique, high-end ceiling treatment. Choose one and get a perfect and unique look of your whole house:

Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions are traditional, classy ceiling elements that have no analogues in creating the luxurious interior. As a rule, this rounded ceiling décor is applied in one place as an accent for a beautiful chandelier. However, there may be other options. Medallions are often shaped in a Greek or Roman style. Of course, the ceiling medallions are applicable not in every house. They look amazing in spacious houses with high ceilings. And on the other hand, in small apartments they will look just awkward.

Pressed Tin

Pressed tin ceiling is associated with large country mansions. However, there is a place for such décor even in the modern interiors. It looks wonderful both in a farmhouse and in a loft apartment in a large city. It is worth noting that the patterned tin sheets are manufactured by many companies. So, if you choose this ceiling style for your house you will have a plenty of various options to choose from.

ceiling ideas


Wallpaper ceiling finish is quite rarely considered by the homeowners. However, it may be a perfect choice for your house. Though, wallpapering a ceiling is not an easy thing to do, the end result may be just stunning if everything is done professionally. There are numerous wallpaper patterns and colors options, so you can choose the one that fits the spirit of your house best. To this, wallpaper is easy to cut, so the design options are literally endless. For example, you may accentuate lighting or skylights with the pieces of different wallpaper.

Layered Drywall

Layers of drywall are perfect for the high ceilings. With their help you may accentuate the elegance of your interior creating various effects like a trey ceiling. This is also a wonderful option for the home with an open floor plan to differentiate certain areas. The best thing about drywall is its flexibility and ability to create unique, stunning looks.


Ceiling paneling is a perfect option to create an old-school cottage look for your house. The natural wood is not the only material for this finish. There are plenty of high-quality, cost-effective synthetic materials that look and feel just like the wood but are easier to install and maintain.

So, though white and flat ceiling is still a good traditional option, it is not the only one possible. Now you know for sure that there are others. To say the truth, the above mentioned five ideas are not the only possible as well. You can create your own ceiling design, basing on any of them or on your own imagination. The only thing that is really important here is to get the ceiling that fits all your preferences and spirit, as well as the design of your room in general. Of course, the ceiling installation works must be performed professionally, and the materials should be of the highest quality possible. After all, it is exactly the quality that defines the end result. So, do not hesitate to ask for the professional help in creating the design, choosing materials, and the whole process of ceiling renovation.
Creative Backsplashes Ideas

Creative Backsplashes Ideas

Creative Backsplashes Ideas

Every part of your kitchen may become the central element of its design, adding personality and uniqueness to your house. Such necessary kitchen elements as the backsplashes are probably the best candidates for this role. The ultimate goal of the backsplash is to protect the wall above the work area from grease, dirt, and water. But such a “dirty” function does not mean that the backsplash cannot be beautiful.

The best thing about experimenting with the backsplash style is that even with the boldest design idea the backsplash will not lose its functionality at all. Moreover, in some cases it may become even more convenient and easy to maintain. While there is nothing wrong with traditional tiles as the most common backsplash material, you do not have to be like everyone else. So, consider the following alternative backsplash ideas to make your house truly one-of-a-kind.

Creative Backsplashes Ideas 28

Handcrafted Tiles

Though tiles may be the most common and therefore the most boring materials for backsplashes, they may be unique and have a distinct personality. Consider choosing handcrafted tiles made by the talented artisans. Such tiles will be truly unique and they will make your kitchen stand out. At the same time you will not have to sacrifice the convenience of the tiles and your backsplash will still look traditional and simple.


Mosaics of your own design will let you express your personality in your kitchen look. They may be absolutely different in patterns and even free-form. It does not matter whether you will make it yourself or hire someone for this task – the mosaics will be a stunning and still functional element of your interior.


Pegboard is probably the cheapest and the most practical backsplash material available. It is also perfect for the smaller kitchens. With it, you will have plenty opportunities for hanging all the necessary things above your work area. They can turn a simple backsplash into a functional and convenient storage for various kitchenware. To this, it does not have to look boring. You may finish it with waterproof pain of any colors.

Wooden backsplashes

Wood is quite an unexpected material for the backsplashes. But why not? It works especially well if your kitchen interior is full of wooden elements. Though the wooden backsplash needs proper maintenance and care, it may look just wonderful, especially combined with the matching cabinetry. It should be noted that the wooden backsplash may preserve its look for decades – but only if you are ready to care of it every day.

Creative Backsplashes Ideas 29
Creative Backsplashes Ideas 30


Stainless steel is a great option for backsplashes in modern kitchens. It looks great, it is absolutely functional, and it matches well with steel kitchen appliances. When it is cleaned properly, it looks really amazing and unusual. Luckily, it is very easy to clean – probably, easier than anything else.


Backsplashes made of glass tiles were quite popular in the middle of the twentieth century. And now they are gaining their popularity back. You may also consider mirrored tiles that will make your kitchen look more lit and spacious.


Of course, full bricks are not an option for a backsplash. However, faux brick tiles are a perfect looking option for rustic kitchen interiors that are a trend now. They may vary in colors and textures, so you will be able to choose what you really like.

Of course, you should remember that unlike the simple tiles these options do not fit every interior style. So make sure that your backsplash whatever it is made of complements your overall kitchen style.

No matter what backsplash material you choose, you want the best possible result. So, it is always better to entrust the backsplash design and installation to professionals. So, contact us to get the kitchen of your dream that will serve you well for long years.

Basic Kitchen Sink Types

Basic Kitchen Sink Types

Basic Kitchen Sink Types

The eager beaver in any household, the kitchen sink leads a very active lifestyle. From food preparation workflows to cleaning chores, your kitchen sink is fiendishly a useful feature, without which you simply cannot go a single day. Apart from being functional, your sink should mix well with an overall kitchen style and, truth be told, it eminently must reflect your unique taste.

The marvels of the interior design science, kitchen sinks have never been more versatile. They are produced in all sorts of shapes, dimensions, and materials, while their configurations are ever-evolving with cutting boards, trays, drainboards, colanders, and other copacetic perks being attached to the main structure. Types of kitchen sinks are surprisingly numerous, but there is a handful of all-time classic designs, which are loved and appreciated by most homeowners. Here is your portion of inspiration to take for your kitchen sink upgrade.


Basic Kitchen Sink Types 31

Also dubbed drop-in, top mount kitchen sinks are inserted into the hole of a countertop and are carried by a rim extending above the counter surface. This surrounding rim not only holds the sink bowl in place, but creates a harmonious look of the whole construction.

Top mount kitchen sinks are extremely durable (because they are generally made of stainless steel), affordable, and are painless to install, too, which makes them one of the most preferred options. Thanks to the rim, drop-in sinks do not need any internal support beneath the counter, which is why such a model is great for DIY installations or budget-tight kitchen renovations.

Nevertheless, some homeowners opt out of this variant because the rim acts as a barrier, preventing the splashes and remnants from immediate getting into the canalization. And this added rim makes even more space which you need to take care of, i.e. maintain. Perfectionism-minded individuals also dislike top mount kitchen sinks because of the visible divider between a washbasin and a counter.


As the name suggests, undermount sinks are attached beneath the counter with the help of special fixing clamps.

As opposed to top-mount variations, undermount models do not have any rim around them, and the edge of countertop seamlessly transits into the bowl.

Not only this design is aesthetically appealing and offers a modern look, but it also turns cleaning into a breeze because there are no clefts and grooves where water and debris can accumulate.

Though there are stainless-steel templates available too, undermount kitchen sinks are frequently made of elite materials such as cast iron, fireclay, granite, marble. But whatever the material, this sink design always looks gorgeous, and is easy to keep clean, due to the absence of a surrounding rim. However, this model might give you a rough time in the first instance.

Undermount sinks require more labor for installation, because the bowl must the properly fixed to the bottom of the counter, which involves not only the application of professional joint glue but the construction of internal supports to ensure the stability of an undermount sink.

Basic Kitchen Sink Types 32


Basic Kitchen Sink Types 33

Often nicknamed as apron-front sinks, farmhouse sinks are meant to be seen: they are generous in size and beautiful in appearance.  This type of sink is compared to the apron owing to somewhat physical resemblance: when the sink is integrated, its front panel gets slightly protruding and becomes dramatically visible, which creates the feeling of an apron aloft the countertop.

A prominent feature of a farmhouse sink is a deep bowl that prevents intensive water splashing and allows more space for cleaning/washing/cooking needs. It is very convenient because with wider dimensions of an apron sink, you will no longer pile dirty kitchenware on the countertops but, instead, will instantly hide it out of eyesight.

Farmhouse sinks are commonly made of fireclay or cast iron and offered in many styles ranging from rustic and Provence to transitional and contemporary. But with their high-end appeal, apron sinks have one significant drawback behind: they are quite fussy to install.

This process will involve a difficult cut of the countertop and the cabinet to achieve this alluring protuberance of the sink’s front face. For this reason, farmhouse sinks are not a very good option for do-it-yourselfers.


Also referred to prep sinks, bar sinks do strike the balance between the minuteness and functionality. These sanitary appliances are typically installed in wet bars, patios, terraces, and in tiny kitchens with low sink usage. However, in spacious kitchens, where entertainments, parties, and noisy gatherings with an abundance of prepared food and drinks are a common thing, bar sinks can be very handy too, making a reasonable supplement to the primary sink.

Bar sinks rarely occur in the diameter greater than 15 inches and always have a single basin, but still, they offer a sufficient depth for cooking operations, drink-making, and quick cleanup. As for the installation type, they can be undermount, drop-in, apron or standing alone, while their forms, materials, and colors run the gamut.

Prep/bar sinks are generally made of stainless steel, nickel, copper, cast iron, granite composite, brass or fireclay. Whatever the implementation, a bar sink is the right way to enhance your kitchen functionality.

Basic Kitchen Sink Types 34


Basic Kitchen Sink Types 35

Counter corners are dead space wasters – they do occupy valuable space without bringing a bit of utility. But a corner kitchen sink may help you make the most of your counter corners. This design often, but not obligatory, involves double bowls which are integrated into the counter in a cater-corner manner. 

Very often, two basins of a corner kitchen sink are placed at some distance from each other. It provides for an additional section in between that can used as a drying area or a cutting board, which ultimately maximizes the counter space. Despite a messy installation with intricate counter cuts, corner sinks are welcomed and widely-adopted thanks to their functionality and visual prettiness. 

If you are an owner of a tight kitchen, a corner sink may be quite a solution because this model can free up floor space, hence letting several individuals do kitchen chores at one time. Since a kitchen sink entails a stationary type of work, corner disposition of a kitchen sink allows more space for another person to move around without clashing with each other.


Basic Kitchen Sink Types 36

Double kitchen sinks are rapidly winning overall recognition due to the flexibility this arrangement affords. Two-basin sinks are produced in all configurations imaginable, and you will easily find two equally-sized basins of the same or mixed depths, unequally sized basins, or even basins of different shapes.

An intersection between attractiveness and functionality, dual-bowl kitchen sinks are a true beauty. They are equally good for food preparation and dishwashing and enable you to complete kitchen tasks in record time. But if two washbasins are not enough to cover all your prep/cleansing needs, there are even triple kitchen sinks with a middle compartment in between that can be applied for holding things while you do the washing on the one side and draining the dishes– on the other.

For extra-demanding users, there even exist low-dividerdouble kitchen sinks where a partition-wall between the two bowls does not rise to the level of the sink top, but, instead, runs at the half of that height.

Such an approach bridges the gap between single-bowl and dual-bowl designs. When one side is filled with water halfway, the whole appliance will work as a dual sink. But when you need extra space to wash bulky pans and casseroles, filling the water higher and letting it overflow the divider reveals the advantage of a single sink.

Double kitchen sinks differ in more than one way: they come in all sorts of installation types, materials, colors, and shapes depending on the manufacturer, designer or specific requirements of an end-user. But whatever the realization, twin sinks always look stunning.


Basic Kitchen Sink Types 37

Featuring a wash bowel on one side and a built-in counter-level dish rack from another, sinks with drainboard do a good job at keeping kitchen countertops clean and sheen. The drainboard presents some kind of panel overlapping a part of the counter. This panel has a grooved surface and is subtly angled down, which lets water streaks freely cascade into the basin.

Most kitchen sinks with drainboards are drop-in, but undermount variations are not an extreme rarity as well. As for the material, they are typically made of stainless steel, ceramic, acryl, fireclay, iron cast. The size range is also ample: there are both compact, shallow mini-units tailored to galley kitchens and large, prestige models for high-end residences and restaurants with diversified mid-range options in between.

Although dishwashers save us tons of time and efforts, they do devastate our wallets because of their abnormal consumption of electricity. This is where kitchen sinks with drainboards make a sense. 

With a neat and functional spot at your fingertips to set wet kitchenware, you will significantly reduce the usage of your dishwashing machine and optimize your utility bills. Drainboard sinks are also great for those who love cooking: such a model adds a designated food preparation area to your counter, therefore, increasing its functionality.

For extra-demanding users, there even exist low-divider double kitchen sinks where a partition-wall between the two bowls does not rise to the level of the sink top, but, instead, runs at the half of that height. Such an approach bridges the gap between single-bowl and dual-bowl designs. When one side is filled with water halfway, the whole appliance will work as a dual sink. But when you need extra space to wash bulky pans and casseroles, filling the water higher and letting it overflow the divider reveals the advantage of a single sink.

Having plenty of choices is not always good because it hobbles decision-making. There are no good or bad kitchen sinks – it is only a matter of preference. Always think of your cooking habits, cleansing needs, kitchen layout/space/style and, surely, budget before going to a store for a new kitchen sink – this will help you make the right choice.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.





When you are going to have your kitchen remodeled, finding the perfect kitchen cabinets for your future kitchen space is no less important than choosing a right flooring or walls material. After all, it is exactly cabinets and countertops that define the look of your kitchen, its functionality, storage capacity, and overall feel. To select kitchen cabinets that fit your needs and taste the best, first, you need to be aware of all options available. So, let’s consider the basic types of kitchen cabinets, their features, peculiarities, and benefits they offer.



The so-called base cabinets has always been popular. For decades, they remain the number one choice among homeowners for a number of reasons. The kitchen cabinets of this type fit to almost any kitchen and they are readily available. On the standard, their depth is 24 inches, and their height is 36 inches. However, you may increase their depth if your kitchen is quite spacious for the additional storage needs. To this, you may place both cabinets and drawers under your countertops to maximize your kitchen storage capacity.



The typical depth of wall-type cabinets is 12 inches. But again, it may be increased to, for example, 17 inches. This provides better kitchen storage capacity and a wider choice of applications like storing wine bottles, glasses, or hooks for large beer mugs. The popular and quite stylish addition for this type of cabinets is bottom lights. However, in this case, you need to provide the additional space to embed electricity to your wall kitchen cabinets. Such lighting looks perfect almost in any kitchen design. To this, it makes rooms with limited natural sunlight more comfortable and cozy.



If your kitchen is not large enough, tall cabinets is the best option for you. The offer the most storage and pantry space possible, therefore – the most benefits for their owners. The thing is, many smaller kitchens just have no enough space for placing storage and pantry furniture, and in this case, at least one or two tall cabinets can really help. Their standard height is 83.5 inches, and it may provide lots of free space for any items. Their depth may vary depending on your needs.



The so-called specialty kitchen cabinets or units are used over sinks, fryers, suspended units, wine shelves, and so on. They provide a usable workspace between the bottom of the upper cabinets and the countertops. Therefore, they maximize kitchens functionality and help their owners optimize using their cooking things.



To make a perfect kitchen remodeling and to install cabinets correctly, first, you need to develop a plan in a proper way, considering all the peculiarities of your house and all your needs. After all, some items and configurations are perfect for one house, but not for other. Ordering the custom kitchen cabinets may be quite expensive, and to this, their installing process may be time-consuming. But in case of non-standard kitchen this is the only option. Readily available kitchen cabinets are easy to buy and to install, but their aesthetics is often questionable, not to say that they fit only to rooms with standard plans. To this, they are limited in materials, style, and sizes, so finding ready-made cabinets that fit your taste may be problematic.

Creating a new kitchen is a challenge. If you create your design from scratch, especially if you would like to do it without professional help, using special 3D-modeling software can be really helpful. It provides the best opportunity to visualize your overall room and cabinets design without additional costs. Remember, the right kitchen remodel, including the perfect cabinets may not only improve your cooking experience but boost the selling price of your house as well.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.

Luxury Details For Your Kitchen

Luxury Details For Your Kitchen

Luxury Details For Your Kitchen

Luxury Details For Your Kitchen 44

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that you cannot pass a single day without going through. This makes your kitchen very important. Therefore, you want to do everything possible to make it look elegant, elegant and organized.

There are many ways to achieve a luxury appearance when it comes to the kitchen, but most of them require major repairs and upgrades. That is why we are going to offer you something else. Try adding luxury details to your kitchen. This will help change the look of your kitchen and it will become the center of the whole house.

We will do our best to provide you with more than enough ideas to inspire and motivate you to upgrade the kitchen, adding a few details to the interior.

Let’s look at these details that will help you to update the interior and create a luxury kitchen design.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

For kitchen cabinets, you can pick up chic details that will significantly improve the design of your kitchen. Chic moldings or original storage solutions, individual design – these are all the details.

Crown molding. Little leaves design prints as much as moldings can do. They well emphasize the individual style of your kitchen.

Decorative legs. Table legs are always striking. They can be ordered and you will make them in any size, shape, color.

Splash of color. Green, blue or red colors can add brightness to your kitchen.

Glass door facades. Transparent, frosted or seeded glass front door creates an excellent view of the dishes, especially when the lights are on. Modern kitchen cabinet ideas you can find here

Luxury Kitchen Island

The kitchen island becomes a kind of communication center of the dining-living room. It serves as a link between those who eat and those who cook. The main condition is the presence of a sufficient number of square meters.

It is most often located in the central part of the room, acting as an additional working surface and storage place. You can create a luxurious kitchen island with the help of non-standard design solutions. When creating a kitchen island using expensive materials.

Kitchen islands occupy a commanding position in the center of the kitchen space, and therefore they are the first piece of furniture on which to focus in the design of the kitchen. They have a great impact on the room and, as a rule, are the first piece of furniture that visitors see upon entering, so they should be installed with care and attention to detail.

Kitchen island design depends on a number of key factors. First of all, is the kitchen island impressive, or do you want it to have a practical function? A modern marble island that combines books is perfect for a luxary kitchen.

Sometimes you can build more than one island. In this case, it is first and foremost important to consider whether several islands are really necessary. The presence of more than one island can lead to the fact that one of them will become a dump for daily administration, storage of keys, mail and other items that are not considered necessary for the kitchen. In some cases, the two islands may be the right solution for creating an additional workplace. The presence of two islands can improve the flow of space and was the preferred option in front of one large kitchen island.


Luxury countertops are installed in the kitchen to create a luxurious interior. If you want to see true luxury in your home, then marble, granite and other types of stone will create a unique look for your kitchen. Most people associate luxury with marble, granite or other natural stone. These materials can add luxury to your decor; they can also add a lot of work. In addition to natural stone, you can use quartz.Modern style quartz countertops are amazingly luxurious, with a variety of colors and patterns suitable for any style. They can imitate fastidious materials, 

such as marble and granite, with realistic veins and specks, and fit too well even into the most expensive houses. Quartz countertops are versatile and can give you the luxury of time to relax and enjoy your home!

Luxury Kitchen Sinks

Luxury kitchen sinks are an overlooked feature of the kitchen. How many times have you entered the house and seen the place for washing, covered with old cloth, dirty pots and old dirty sink? With a well-looking, well-made sink, you bring a whole new look to the kitchen. It becomes the heart of the house and something that you have to show. Sinks are made from different materials. A luxurious option would be – washing of natural stone. The most expensive solutions from natural material, as well as artificial counterparts with a variety of colors, they want to pick up a designer crane. Brass faucets are best.

Luxury Kitchen Backsplash

The main purpose of the kitchen panel is to protect the wall from water. But it serves as a centerpiece for your kitchen. Defines the style of your work area, radiating your personality and reflecting the mood and feeling of your cooking space. Backsplash should be combined with existing decor and should be part of any design. You need to create harmony from the work area, tabletops, walls and even the floor. This interplay of color and texture is important for the functionality and aesthetics of your cooking space. There are many luxury rear panel designs that are made from various materials and patterns.

Creating a luxury backsplash includes many solutions. First, you need to decide what types of tiles you want. Then you still need to find a beautiful design that suits your needs, and at the same time create the perfect decor for you. You can find creative backsplashes ideas here.

Choosing the right tile

If you can and want a luxury look, then you should consider choosing expensive materials such as marble, granite and glass.
At the same time, the issue of style is not so important at the present time when choosing between different tile materials. Thanks to technology, even ceramic tiles can be designed to resemble marble or even a metal surface.

Luxury look depends on tile design

Tiles come in different sizes, colors and styles. For example: hand-painted tiles, specially shaped tiles, herringbone tiles and mosaic tiles.
You can create a cool design by choosing diagonal, laser tiles or the popular subway tile. Diagonal tiles – tiles have a diagonal slit, giving a unique look.

Metro tiles are one of the most popular pieces. They create a classic and clean look.Laser cutting tiles – due to their complex design and pattern, these tiles are cut using laser technology. The tiles are very smooth. The various parts are connected as a mosaic, resulting in a carefully thought-out backsplash.

Mixing and matching

Achieving harmony is an important part of choosing a kitchen backsplash. The tile design you choose should be combined with your worktops, floors, walls, and even appliances.
You can choose a design that matches the setting or a design that contrasts with the decor. You can choose something like a bright red tile on a white wall and white countertops. Blue tile combined with gray cabinets. The white tiled flap goes very well with black worktops.

Pendant Lighting

To make the kitchen truly home, it is important to create a special microclimate here: with a modern design, good kitchen appliances and the right pendant lights for the kitchen.

When the pendant lamp is the main fixture, center it. Do not forget about the additional illumination of the working area, buy ice-backlit for the lockers, which will ensure a calm and safe cooking process.

Chandeliers for kitchens successfully zone the space when the dining room is separated from the place of cooking. Successfully look in this interior 2 small lamps.

A large kitchen combined with a dining area requires the purchase of two identical lamps: one – above the table, one – above the working area.

In a spacious kitchen with high ceilings, a hanging lamp with several levels of lamps looks best.
The modern kitchen design will be luxary with perfect pendant lighting. Copper pendants can be an excellent option for the kitchen. Keep your space simple and use extravagant hanging lamp.

You can use the brass pendant lamp in your modern home. It can be used above the bar in the kitchen.

Golden brass chandeliers in the kitchen with white marble will look very good. Suspended lamps are always luxury, elegance, modernity. For example, a handmade chandelier made of brass and aluminum lamp shades is suitable for any design.

Colorful, modern, with simple lines and strong details of the chandelier will also look great. Also, a modern glass ceiling lamp in sky blue will look good. Light brown and mystical blue colors are a good combination of colors.
Pay attention to the white lamp. They have a different color in the interior. And of course, gold! Golden color is ideal for a kitchen or dining room with white floors and ceilings. More about modern pendant lighting for kitchen you can find here.

Kitchen flooring

Hardwood flooring. A solid wood floor will last you many years. It is one of the most desirable flooring options. Hard, beautiful and durable solid wood flooring can bring a sense of character to your home, and the look really improves over time. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and instantly add value to your home. This is the most elegant option for your home!

Engineered Flooring. Engineering floors are built using high pressure methods. The veneer layer is the top of solid wood, which complements the board, giving the floor a natural look. Engineering floors are suitable for busy places and for the use of heated floors.

Laminate. Laminate is not the most expensive material. But, you can decorate it and choose any pattern and color. High-quality and expensive options are able to create a luxury look and fit into the design of your kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Luxurious vinyl tiles can create realistic-looking wooden and stone floors. Vinyl gives many more practical advantages and a slightly softer touch for a comfortable feeling under your feet.

Outdoor accessories

Complete your new carpet, laminate or wooden floors with elegant beadwork from Scotland, baseboards and more. If you install your new floor, you can add accessories and tools that you need for a smooth and safe installation, including high-quality backing, door profiles, installation tools and adhesives.

You can find useful information about a kitchen renovation costs here.

Turning to the Groysman Construction Remodeling Company, the experts will help you implement the best solutions.





Kitchen remodel may be not only stressful but quite costy as well. Of course, everything depends on the volume of work needed and on your exact expectations. If you want only minor kitchen restyling, your spending may be not too big. However, if you, for example, live in an old house and your kitchen haven’t seen a repair since the day of the construction, get ready to open your wallet large.

Homeowners from San Diego should keep in mind that kitchen remodeling cost is much higher in this area than the average cost of kitchen remodel in other parts of the USA. According to the statistics, remodeling service here are 21% more expensive than USA average wages. And the materials are about 7% more expensive. The average cost of kitchen remodel depends greatly on the selected materials and their quality. The other components of the cost of kitchen remodel are labor and delivery cost.

Let’s consider the cost of kitchen remodel and approximate price for its elements.

Floor, ceiling and walls price

There is a wide variety of flooring: vinyl, cork, laminate, bamboo, wood and of course ceramic tiles. Each type of kitchen floor materials has its own advantages and can create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in your kitchen. But the cost of rework significantly depends on the cost of the selected material.


Costs include finishes, underlayment (different for each finish), adhesives, expandable materials, and installation services The cheapest flooring type is sheet vinyl that will cost you from 2 to 4 dollars per square foot. Other economy options are olefin carpet ($3-5/SF), marmoleum ($3.5-6/SF), cork, and bamboo ($4-7/SF). The most luxurious options are reclaimed wood, ceramic and porcelain tiles. They will cost you much more – from 11 to 17 dollars per square foot. Ceiling repair will cost you about $200. As for walls, the cheapest option is wallpaper (from $2.5 per square foot). Glass tiles and stone veneer are the most expensive (from $10 to more than $25).
Insulation cost is from 0.5 to 1.5 dollars per square foot, depending on the insulation type and material used.


Good kitchen lighting makes the room cozy and pleasant. Creating the right lighting in the room is an important point. The use of various lamps, sconces and chandeliers allows you to identify the most functional areas in the kitchen.


Apart from the labor, you will need to pay for all the materials needed, including fixtures and bulbs. Various modifications will require additional spending. For example, average ceiling lighting will cost you about 180 dollars. And under-cabinet lights – about 90 dollars.


Cost of painting and finishing

In most cases, costs include surface preparations, material and labor. Ceiling and walls painting will cost you about 1.5 dollars per square foot. And cabinets painting will be about 3 times more expensive.

Cabinets and countertops

Cabinets are an indispensable element of the interior for any kitchen. They set the style and help organize the space in your kitchen. Updating cabinets can completely transform the look of the kitchen.


Including cabinets themselves, delivery and installation, San Diego homeowners should expect paying from $35 per linear foot of the cheapest cabinets to more than $500 of luxurious custom-made ones.

As for countertops, if you opt for the least expensive options, consider formica ($29-40 per square foot). More expensive variants are concrete ($68-115) and quartz ($70-120).



Appliances prices vary greatly from brand to brand and from type to type. For example, oven will cost you from 1000 to 9000 dollars. And dishwasher – from 500 to 1300.

 Apart from the mentioned remodeling elements, you may also need plumbing, replacing windows, doors, and so on. Anyway, you are better to let the professionals to estimate what kind of remodel and repair your kitchen really needs. There may be much more work needed than you expect.

Only after choosing a remodeling contractor and consulting the experts, you will be able to count the approximate cost of your exact future project. Also, when choosing the materials it is better to opt not for the cheapest but for the most durable and efficient options in order not to pay twice.

As you can see, how much you will spend on your kitchen remodel depends only on your needs and finances. The possible cost starts from about 1000 dollars and may rise up to almost infinity.

If you want to save on your remodeling project – contact us, we will help you!

5 Wonderful Autumn Kitchen Design Ideas

5 Wonderful Autumn Kitchen Design Ideas

Many people see the autumn as a time of changes and beginning of a new life. So, what can be the better season to give your kitchen a new look of your dream? Refreshing you kitchen design is a greate idea for autumn.

This autumn has brought us a number of wonderful new trends. It has inspired the best interior designers to experiment with combining modern and more classic styles to make your kitchen warm and elegant as never before.

So, here are five inspiring ideas of autumn kitchen design for you to finally get your kitchen remodeled and change your home for the best.

Invisible appliances

Hiding kitchen appliances out of sight is one of the latest trends in interior design. It means that all the appliances are masked and blended with cabinets. When your oven, dishwasher, and other appliances are hidden inside kitchen cabinets, your kitchen obtains a more country style look that is another hot trend now. This way, you can emphasize elegant woodwork of your furniture. To this, using this twist, you do not need to choose appliances that match your kitchen design, by that focusing primarily on their functionality and quality. One more benefit of this setup is saving of space, so it is perfect for smaller kitchens with limited free space.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood is traditional flooring option; it has being used for centuries. It is sustainable, perfect-looking and warm. However, it may be quite expensive and it may require more careful maintenance than, for example, tiles, but it is worth both money and effort. Wooden flooring is a number one choice among the best designers, as it is always unique in texture and fits well to any kitchen style. It is a synonym of good taste and it looks wonderful both in contemporary and in village designs.

Village design style

You may be surprised, but village or rustic kitchen design is a hot trend now. Its characteristic features are soft pastel colors and prevalence of natural materials, such as wood and stone. All this is pleasant on the eye, makes kitchen warm and cozy, turning it into the heart of your house. Country cabinetry, shelves, stone countertops and a wooden kitchen table with a patterned tablecloth – all these elements will transfer you to the good old days. Village kitchen style may be further emphasized by log accents. These may be, for example, window frames.

Smart space planning and management

The crucial component of any modern house in general is functionality and convenience. The kitchen, of course, is of no exception. A very pleasant trend in kitchen design is the best possible use of all its space. It is especially essential for the smaller kitchens, in which using all the gaps is very reasonable. Therefore, try to think how you could use some areas of your kitchen that are now useless. For example, you may turn them into cabinets or drawers to use them efficiently. Another idea is to add a wine rack to the empty wall space between upper and lower cabinets, to hide a trash bin into the useless corner cabinet, or to add holders for things like foil to the back of the cabinetry doors. Well-planned and organized kitchen space is really convenient and trendy at the same time.

Add more light

The lighter your kitchen is – the better. Nowadays, all the best kitchen designers opt for adding a lot of light to the kitchens they work with. After all, kitchen is not the room where semi-darkness is appropriate. Adding more light is especially important if your kitchen windows look out on the northern side or if they are open onto the garden full of trees and natural light is obstructed. One good option in this case is track lighting. It can be easily directed exactly where it is needed the most. Lighting can also serve as a beautiful accent. For example, you may install LED bulbs under the upper cabinetry to add even more light to your working area. They may be also added to emphasize glass or metallic elements of your design. Even more, they may be installed under the lower cabinets to accent the flooring. The great advantage of such solution is that LED bulbs are durable, easy to install and energy efficient. All this makes them a favorite choice both for designers and homeowners worldwide.

If this remodeling ideas are not enough – we can help you! Just contact Groysman Construction!

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