Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS


Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS



With decades of experience under the belt, Groysman Construction Remodeling Company handles ultimate room addition projects in San Diego and has never failed to translate clients’ dreams into a spectacular reality. With customer satisfaction in our corporate DNA, we create amazing home add-ons and property extensions with the final product not reaching but exceeding all expectations. We strive to earn the title of the premier room addition contractor in San Diego not through a fancy play of words but through our actions, projects, and customer praise.


The crew of Groysman Construction Remodeling Company consists of genuine architects, designers, and builders whose craftsmanship and dedication to work make them the most welcomed room addition masters in San Diego.

Intending to top the ranking of the best remodeling companies in California state, we offer professional home additions and space remodel services which are second to none in the whole neighborhood:

  • Free estimation consultations and a transparent quote;
  • Obtaining all necessary city permits from municipal officials;
  • No need to move out of the home while we modify it;
  • No linkage to the season: we handle home additions in San Diego around the year.

While there are hordes of remodeling contractors in San Diego, only Groysman Company can handle superior room additions that correspond to all standards of legitimacy, safety, durability, and aesthetics.


Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS

If you go for Groysman Construction Remodeling Company to implement your room additions plans in San Diego, you, a priori, bind your project to success.

Vast field expertise backed by excellent technical education and competence empowers our company to grasp the most challenging home remodel projects and always bring them to perfection.

We have ongoing partnerships with top-tier building materials suppliers serving southwest California, which means that we can get the best materials in bulk from them at a very affordable cost and have peace of mind that your project goes within your budget.

By having our own building facilities, we can build the structural components required for attaching a new living space to your house, thus accelerating the construction process.

The day after getting permission from the community government to execute room additions in your San Diego home, we will come to your place and demolish your existing roof with the least noise and fuss possible.

Then we will install all the prefabricated components, a roof over the room, lay the flooring coating, and animate the newly-minted quarters by mounting doors and cabinetry, as well as installing electricity, HVAC, and other life-blood applications.

Next, we will craft the ambience of your dream. At this stage, we execute interior works for a novel room, which include painting, finishing and decorating.

The final phase is deep cleaning and giving the last polish before you can start exploiting a new section in your home to the full.

And Presto!

Your novel room or second story addition is completed in mere weeks with no running from pillar to post from your side. You’ve got it right: the only moment when you’ll be actively engaged in the jobs is sharing your ideas with our rep at the stage of design planning, and from there, your only responsibility will be to relax and wait until your home addition adventure is over. We promise the works will be completed in time and within the quote without any hidden costs or charges.


Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS

When you are planning a second-story addition to your San Diego home, you, probably, imagine it as just tacking on an extra level to your one-floor home. However, erecting an entire second story on top of your existing dwelling is a hard and complicated process with dozens of nuances and pitfalls. There are simple tips on how to start a second-story addition in San Diego and put the entire remodel project on a path to success.

  • Check out the rules and permissions for a 2nd story addition. Your plans on renovating your San Diego home with a second story might be nipped in the bud if the local council does not allow such type of extension. Municipals set loads of building standards concerning property lines, floor-area ratios, lot coverage, etc. It is also imperative to involve a professional home inspector to evaluate your house’s foundation and overall structure. If the verdict says your ground floor cannot stand the extra weight, think twice about adding the second level to your property, or bring an architectural engineer to consult you on the ways of enhancing your home’s construction so it can effectively support the second story.
  • Set ample budget for your second story addition in San Diego. Remember that adding a second level to a property is always more expensive than extending horizontally because such renovations involve mounting the stairs and, often, changing the function of downstairs rooms, which is quite expensive. Speak with a home designer or architect to give you a detailed quote on adding the second floor to your home, and then juxtapose it with your actual financial situation. Now answer yourself: can you afford such modernization?
  • Design it! If local municipals allow you to add a second story, and you have enough money to fulfil your plans, you can ask your designer to craft a detailed project of your home renovation.
  • Decide on a construction company. Ask your designer to recommend reputable and experienced builders to execute the elaborated plan at its best. Surely, you can find a constructor yourself but be careful when choosing: remodeling companies differ not only by pricing but by the quality and extension of the work not to mention their competencies and abilities to handle non-standard projects. Do not select a contractor based exclusively on the cheapest quote because the joy over a low price will never beat the joy over a quality result.
  • To stay or not to stay? Adding a second story to your San Diego property will have a ripple effect on you and your family. During the works, some sections of your home may become inaccessible while some communication systems (electricity, gas or water supply) may be shut down too for reasons of safety. Building another level will take some time, and you should decide before the whole renovation extravaganza begins: are you ready to live in the chaos for a month or so or it is wiser to find another shelter so that your daily life will not be ruined?
  • Job acceptance. The final step on your second-story project is a thorough inspection done not only by you but also by a representative from the local council to make sure a new living space meets all city codes.


Lots of homeowners in San Diego hatch out home addition plans as a proven way to provide all family members with a separate living space and boost the property’s market value.

Groysman is a reliable room addition contractor to handle all types of home extensions in San Diego and nearby areas.

Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS

Our home addition services include:

  • Second-story additions – expand vertically by adding the second level to your home.
  • In-law additions – get a multi-room structure from one side of your house and enjoy the perfect fusion this duet forms.
  • Kitchen remodels – increase the metric area of your existing kitchen or rearrange the layout of your cabinetry for better functionality and easy traffic.
  • Bathroom modifications – enlarge your existing bathroom or entertain your household members with a supplementary sanitary area.
  • Living space addition – obtain a new great room, guest bedroom or master suite from one side of your house with roofing and siding seamlessly mingled in the current design.
  • Sunroom additions – if you don’t need a full-size addition but still are craving a little nook to relax, an added sunroom gets you covered.
  • Garage manipulations – attach a garage to one side of your house or convert the existing garage into a living room, home office, music studio or working shop.

There are dozens of tactics on how you can renovate your house. The only limit is your imagination. Groysman Construction Remodeling Company is here to assist you with expanding your San Diego residence beautifully, effectively, and lawfully.


Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS

Room add-ons require professional design and a seasoned brigade to ensure the supplemental room merges seamlessly with your current house and answers your requirements whatever specific they are. Result-oriented, Groysman designers and architects work in close coordination with homeowners to craft a room addition design that is both elegant and functional. Our constructors, technicians, and finishers do their best to knit a new room together with the main home as if they have always been one unit.

It is imperative to us that a newly-erected room fully satisfies your demands and expectations. Our team has enormous knowledge in designing different homerooms. Whether it is a new terrace, a kitchen, a bedroom, a second story or any other type of space you would like to add to your real estate, our designers know how to translate your ideas into a magnificent and functional project.

Groysman Construction Remodeling Company to manage your home addition in San Diego from beginning to end

If managed badly, the addition of a new space to your home may quickly turn into a theatre of absurd with dubious results. Groysman Construction Remodeling Company manages every aspect of the room addition process from start to finish, saving you from any associated headaches.

We are veterans at San Diego home additions, and our projects are meant to delight, not annoy. From the first consultation to the final flourish and thorough cleaning, we will take care of everything involved in your home addition project, with not a single worry of yours.



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    “Lovely company!
    Very happy with the work they did at my parents.
    I will use them for my next project.”

    Jayne M.

    Our new kitchen is tremendous. It’s great to walk in every day to such a beautiful kitchen and to hear the fabulous comments made by family and…

    Cindy & Frank Fink


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    Modern Kitchen with Belgian Veneer

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    Inspired by Japanese minimalism, one of the most trending styles for quite a while, this masterpiece illustrates a perfect mix of smart technologies, top-grade…

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    Marble countertops…

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    Warm colors of classic wooden flooring provide an authentic feel and highlight white shaker-style cabinetry. White slat tiles of the backsplash merge…

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    This project we started about a year ago and it was meant to be a new experience for us since we haven’t done anything close to it.The unit is about 2000 square feet located on the 12th floor of the building called Meridian in downtown San Diego with a great view of the city and San Diego bay.The idea was to raise the ceiling as much as possible which…

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    Pure white kitchen remodel with raised panel cabinets. Kitchen layout had been changed from u-shape to L-shape with expansive island. We had to re-route plumbing and electrical feed for the island. We rearranged and added some lighting with 3 pendant lights over the island. Also, space under the window had been utilized for the seating and storage…

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    Inspiring White Kitchen

    Here you see new generation kitchen with modern design elements like stainless steel farmhouse sink, canopy range exhaust hood and overhead wine rack.Special effect presented by the kitchen island designed with sitting slot, waterfall countertop and sleek pendant lights over it.Ceiling recessed lighting render plenty of light making kitchen bright and…

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    Bamboo Shaker with Quartz Top Kitchen

    This small kitchen with a rounded layout is designed with convenience and smart use of space in mind. It is separated from the living area with white countertops and columns. The work area with stove and sink is left as spacious, while the storage area behind it is used as much as possible with the tall cabinets near the fridge and additional wall…

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    This quite large and well-lit kitchen also serves as the dining room, so the work area and the cabinets are placed only on the one side. The cabinets are wooden with dark-cherry finish, Zeus granite countertops, and steel fixtures that match the steel appliances.The walls and floor are finished with granite-style tiles, while the ceiling is plain…

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    Sample of the contemporary kitchen

    Sample of the contemporary kitchen.Project had been completed in June, 2016 in Sorrento Valley area. Kitchen designed and built in white top, gray bottom shaker cabinets. To bring together top and the bottom we used Carrara quartz (white with gray streaks) counter top. Back splash – white high gloss tile with darker accent is an organic addition to…

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    Kitchen with Antique White Cabinets

    Kitchen was part of the house remodeling. Our company had redone bathroom, laundry and flooring. In the kitchen Antique white Cabinets were used with soft close doors and drawers system. We offer our clients only wood Cabinets. Carrara quartz countertop. Island also as an addition to the old layout.

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    Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

    The house was built in 1940s and we ran into a number of challenges during the construction process, including foundation, plumbing and subfloor level. The owner wanted to expand her only bathroom and we tried a variety of different approaches. Finally, we settled on the idea of building the bathroom in place of the bedroom and using the former…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Transitional Kitchen Remodel with White Shaker Cabinets

    Transitional Kitchen Remodel with White Shaker Cabinets

    The footprint hasn’t been changed. We used white shaker cabinets and Crema Latte quartz slabs.For the back splash tile owners have picked mosaics which provided contrast between counter top and cabinetry. Wall mounted exhaust hood makes this kitchen look contemporary.For the garbage disposal we used pomp action switch.Also, for the dining area we…

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    Complete Condo Renovation

    From the first meeting the Groysman Construction was serious about the project and start measuring everything and giving me an idea about the cost ( which for us was very important as we were going to fix EVERYTHING in our 1972 condo from the floor to the ceiling and the cost was important). We had multiple meetings with Igor and Andrew while we were…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

    Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

    Here we have German driftwood flat panel doors kitchen with granite countertops. The island was designed with side “waterfall”.Matching floor tile and modern pendant lights complete this project.

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Navy Blue & White Kitchen Renovation

    Navy Blue & White Kitchen Renovation

    This was a 3 level condo where the client was looking to remodel their kitchen without changing the layout.

    So, they chose a base navy blue and white shaker wall cabinets, a Callacata quartz counter top, with white scales mosaic tile for the back splash. We also installed floor tile, installed hardwood on the stairs and dressed up a small…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Cherry Cabinets with Granite Countertop Zeus

    Cherry Cabinets with Granite Countertop Zeus

    This open kitchen was remodeled in a classic style with a traditional convenient layout and has enough storage space. The simple Cherry-Espresso wooden cabinets with natural granite countertops and backsplashes add the feel of luxury to the interior that is further complemented by carved vintage fixtures. The tiled flooring is matched to the…

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    Different Remodeled Kitchens

    Here are photos of the kitchens we have remodeled in recent years. All of them are completed according to all the wishes of our customers as for performance in different styles – from plain white modern style kitchens to the ones with luxurious carved cabinets and bold design solutions in the walls finish. We’ve provided only the best and the most…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Modern remodeled wood kitchen with Cabinets Aiden Work

    Modern remodeled wood kitchen with Cabinets Aiden Work

    This small kitchen opening to a dining room required smart use of space and maximum convenience – these were the wishes of our customer, and we did our best to fulfill them. The kitchen was remodeled in modern style with the traditional brown & white color scheme and all-steel appliances and fixtures. Its simple yet elegant look features…

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    Aiden Shaker Cabinets with Giallo Venetiano Granite Kitchen

    This large kitchen is designed in country style with the traditional brown-and-white color scheme. The size of the room allowed placing the kitchen island for more work area with two seats and more than enough storage space for any needs with large fridge and all necessary appliances, not overwhelming the space with furniture and allowing to leave the…

    How Much Does It Cost To Add A Room In San Diego?

    As your family grows and life circumstances change, you may find yourself in a need of extending your current home. A room addition is a great way to expand the useful space of your dwelling, and it also saves you from the hassle of moving to a bigger house or constructing a new one from scratch. 

    The best thing behind home additions is that you can attach virtually any type of room to your existing ground-based property, including a new kitchen, one more bathroom, a garage, a sunroom, and even a second or third story. With a fully licensed and experienced home addition contractor in San Diego like Groysman Construction, you can be sure that a new room addition will fully match the existing building in terms of structural safety as well as style and aesthetics.

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Home Renovation: An Open Floor Plan

    Home Renovation: An Open Floor Plan

    Fashion trends are unsteady and fickle, but this is not true for home construction and design. In the last two or three decades, home décor publications let readers admire elegant open floor plans. Unfortunately, modern design solutions seem very expensive and not always available in the market.

    By hiring a professional remodeling company you can…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

    How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

    Problems with the bathroom may be the most unpleasant of all possible house issues. After all, they mean the bad start of the day, lots of inconvinience, and lower overall quality of life. So no wonder that bathroom remodel projects are so popular in San Diego. We know well that for the most homeowners, bathroom remodel price…

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    Things to Consider When Adding a Bathroom to the Attic

    Attics are oftentimes spooky, dusty nooks, containing discarded heirlooms and relics of the past. Generally lacking proper lighting and having an awkward architecture packed with electrical wires, ducts, and pipes, there is something intimidating about attics, making us believe that they are totally dead spaces. But with the right approach, an attic may…

    How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Classy

    Narrow, cluttered, inefficient, limited natural light – you may name many serious reasons why you hate your not-so-spacious bathroom. But you should not regard your small bathroom as a big problem because there are throngs of amazing (and easily feasible) ideas that can help you make your tiny bathroom look luxurious. With a few…

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    5 Bathroom Ceiling Material Ideas for Solid Functionality and Great Appeal

    When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the key aspects is ensuring that the materials you incorporate can effectively withstand the trial of excessive humidity, continuous temperature changes, and hot steam. Mold and mildew can also be a thorn in your side, so bathroom ceiling materials should keep pesky fungi at bay. Groysman…

    Plants For the Bathroom

    Amazing Plants For the Bathroom

    As you have finally completed a bathroom remodeling, and your hygiene room is an epitome of perfection, one of your top priorities today may be the preservation and maintenance of that lovely aesthetics. Although your bathroom can be designed with the ultimate professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, there is always a risk of…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

    Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

    Choosing bathroom cabinets is a very important step during bathroom remodeling. Meantime, it is quite hard choice, considering all the numerous options available. At one point, you may find yourself stuck on choosing between unassembled and ready-made cabinets, stock and custom, oak or maple, and so forth.

    It is obvious that the cabinets have an effect…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower

    How to Convert a Bathtub into a Shower

    Though a large bathtub gives us the luxury to lie in and slacken thoughts, a shower seems to be a more practical solution for modern homes where facilities are outrageously limited. Many homeowners want to convert bathtub to shower to make the sanitary room bigger and adjust the released space for something else. Getting a shower instead of a…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | 7 tips on hiring the best bathroom remodeling contractor

    7 tips on hiring the best bathroom remodeling contractor

    Bathroom remodeling in San Diego is a big decision to make and a hard project to implement given the galore of things to take care of:

    Elaborating a workable renovation design;Getting permits for plumbing and electrical works from city municipalities;Supplying necessary materials and fixtures;Arranging for the garbage disposal and…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | Using texture elements in the bathroom

    Using texture elements in the bathroom

    You have decided to change your current bathroom for the best, giving it fresher look and feel? Then you’ve made a right decision. After all, it is exactly the bathroom that gets the highest load of use during a day. So, getting it remodeled makes a good sense. This may improve your quality of life. Or, at least, this may not let you feel bored…

    Groysman Construction Remodeling | ROOM ADDITIONS

    Free In-House Consultation on Floor Remodeling

    Contact us to order a free consultation right in your house. In addition to the flooring types described above, we can install all other possible variants such as particular cork, stone, and bamboo.

    During these consultations, thoughtfully, we provide high-quality material samples for you to choose from.

    Our experienced and skillful contractors to implement your San Diego room addition plans

    Do not deprive yourself of joy to move into a new living space or utilize a new functional area in your home. Let craftspeople from Groysman Company bring your plans to life with unparalleled professionalism, fabulous dedication, and complete building code compliance.

    Contact us today to share your room addition ideas, and we will find the most optimal way to convert them to an awesome room addition design that you will love for decades down the line.

    Contact Us Now and Get Free In-House Consultation on Room Additions!